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I Got A Man

I Got A Man

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CHOOSE 1 OF 5 MEN to answer your door, leave voicemail, get you off the phone! Also, barking dog. (You can call 911 and take a photo to email instantly to your contacts)

Each man has his own distinctive personality and voice, from the smooth-talking Charles, the British chap, Niles, cute boy-next-door Ryan, Carlos with his romantic Latin lover accent and the handsome, hunky blonde, Erik.

Tap one of 4 buttons that will:
Just choose your man,tap the DOOR button at the top, and your man's voice will ask you to get the door because he's busy. You can interact with him by saying "Okay honey, I'll get it."

Tap the VOICEMAIL button and your man will leave a message so that anyone calling will think you have a man in your home.

Tap the GOTTA GO button and your man will urge you to get off of the phone so you can politely tell the caller, "Sorry, I have to go."

The DOG button will have your man asking if you can answer the door because he's escorting the dog from the room. The dog's barking then fades away into the background.
There's also a 6th choice, ROMEO THE DOG, if you just want a barking dog in the background when answering your door or phone.

You can also use 'I Got A Man' to take a photo of your emergency (a stranger following you, a car accident, etc.) and email it to your emergency contacts without delay.
Just choose up to 5 emails for your emergency contacts in 'Settings' before you use the 'I Got A Man' camera feature, then snap a photo and instantly your photo is sent to your chosen emergency contacts.

You can use the camera feature just to email your friends and family a photo without having to enter their email addresses each time. Once you set up the addresses in 'Settings,' that's it. From now on each photo will be sent automatically. Just be sure to let them know the subject line in the email with the photo will say 'Photo to my emergency contact.'
For now, 'I Got A Man' can send photos from your Gmail or Hotmail address, but any type of email address can be used to receive your photos.
(Camera feature for iPhone only)

There's a 911 button at the bottom of every screen. Tap the 911 button and you have a 5-second delay before you are connected directly for your emergency.
(911 feature for iPhone only)

'I Got A Man' can also be used for fun, anytime you want your friends and family to think you have the perfect boyfriend looking out for you.
You're never alone with 'I Got A Man.'

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