Snore Free : Snoring Workouts

Snore Free : Snoring Workouts

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The SnoreFreeĀ® training has a profound, scientific basis and significantly increases your quality of sleep and life within a few weeks. SnoreFree treats your snoring naturally, improves your pronunciation and strengthens your immune system.

Download the #1 Snore Free App including 6 anti-snoring exercises for FREE and without any obligation.

Worldwide, 2 billion people suffer from snoring. More than 936 million affected by obstructive sleep apnea. More than 500 million partners of heavy snorers lose 2h of their sleep every day. 40% of our users are female. Snoring is usually caused by muscular weakness in the mouth and throat.

The longer and louder a person snores, the greater the long-term risk of stroke. Snoring and sleep apnoea lead to high blood pressure and lack of oxygen at the heart.

> Loss of over 2 hours of sleep
> Strains your relationship
> Daytime fatigue due oxygen deprivation
> Risk of stroke or heart attack
> Decreased performance in everyday life
> Dry mouth in the morning
> Recurring headache
> Lack of concentration during the day

> The very effective SnoreFree method was developed by Viennese speech therapist & anti-snoring specialist Dario Lindes. In 13 years of practice, he developed the exercises, similar to voice training for singers & speakers, for targeted strengthening the muscles in the mouth, neck & throat.

> In more than 80% of our users, a clear improvement in sleep quality and a significant reduction in snoring noises can be observed after just a few weeks.

> Deep and healthy sleep is an important factor for a better quality of life, more productivity and performance in everyday life and, last but not least, for harmony in the bedroom.

With just 10 minutes of daily training, after 3-4 weeks you can significantly reduce your snoring and noticeably improve your quality of sleep and life.

> Treats your snoring the natural way
> Drastically improves your relationship
> Strengthens your immune system
> Improves your pronunciation
> Enhances your sleep cycle
> Finally sleep through again

> 49 easy to follow video exercises
> Guided 4 Level training plan
> Personalised for best results
> Clearly structured dashboard
> Daily reminder alert - never forget a workout again
> Anatomical animations for better understanding
> Calming meditations to fall asleep more easily
> Numerous Articles about sleep hygiene, well-being & fitness

> Loud snorers facing relationship problems
> Want to sleep through again
> Suffering from mild sleep apnea
> Wakes up exhausted and is tired during the day
> General loss of performance
> Already tried other approaches

> Download app & try our 6 free workouts
> Sign up & let your coach guide you to a deeper sleep
> Improve your sleep cycle with just 10 min/day
> Check your success on your personal dashboard
> Never forget a workout again with the daily reminder!
> Relax & Calm Down with our guided meditations
> Learn more about sleep hygiene, well-being, fitness & nutrition
> Get your sleep back, get your power back!

> 1 Month - Noticeable success after only a few weeks
> 3 Months - Recommended min training for best results
> 12 Months - Best Price, Unlimited training at the price equal to 1h therapist
> LifeTime - Best Choice, Keeps your muscles tight

> SnoreFree is not a medical service, it doesn't make a diagnosis & doesn't replace the need to see a doctor or any other medical treatment intervention. For further diagnostic or therapeutic needs, please always consult your physician & follow his instructions.

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Sleep Better. Live Better.

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