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Use your favourite Music from iTunes and Apple Music and create and manage you own playlists directly in Play4Fit for your indoor cycling, spinning or fitness classes. Add notes to music to remember your activities during the class. Play4Fit works on iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Play4Fit uses big and clear timers so you are always aware of elapsed and remaining time for the playing music.
It makes it possible for you to add notes that are easy to read. You can add notes to one or more music items to describe the activities you have during your classes. For the same music you can even have different Notes.

Use Apple Watch to play, pause and skip to next or previous song. This is great if you are not close to iPhone or iPad e.g. as a Fitness instructor. This is possible because Play4Fit uses the native Apple Music player.

Play4Fit is tested by Spinning, Indoor Cycling and Body Bike instructors and they newer go back to the old CD's. Play4Fit can be used for any fitness or sports activity that requires music and great timing for activities - e.g. Indoor Cycling and Spinning. It is simple and easy to use.

- Use the music from your device (iTunes) and Apple Music.
- Control when music starts and ends. This enables you to modify a Play4Fit playlist so that each music starts and end at different times to get rid of those "calm" phases in the music so that music mix seamless. So for simple use you now do not need to first MIX the music in an external application (like MixMeister). Note: There is no cross fade but it works just fine anyways.
- Big and clear timers for elapsed and remaining time so that you never miss out on the all important timings
- Big and clear text for Notes so that it can be clearly seen from a distance
- Music Item displays Name, BPM and Length
- Create and manage your own Play4Fit playlists.
- Select music from Play4Fit from one or more playlists and from Apple Music.
- Start playing music item by selecting it from the list
- Slider for going forward, backwards and volume control
- Play, pause, next and previous buttons
- Use Apple Watch to control music playback on the iPhone or iPad
- Remove music or change the sequence of the music in your list
- Use the app to add and change Notes for music items. It's quick and easy.
- Play the music while you are writing the note. Slide in time and clearly see the current time.
- Use emoji symbols for captive descriptions.
- Add hyperlinks to your note to quickly go to eg. a video on e.g. YouTube. Play4Fit can resume playing from where it left off.
- Notes will show as much text as possible up to about 50% of the display height so you can still see the upcoming music
- Display support for Landscape and Portrait mode. The notes will intelligently resize
- Prevent screen lock and screen dimming while Play4Fit main player screen is shown.

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- Issue : Continue playing in background stopped working when v1.18 (made only for iOS 10.3) was downloaded to iOS 12.2 (or higher) devices. Fix : release version 1.17 as 1.19 (this version) to maker it take priority for iOS devices with version 12.2 or higher.

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