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Confidence Affirmation

Confidence Affirmation

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This extended affirmation infuses you with a sense of synchronicity. The affirmations promote the idea that the right people and the right circumstances are always showing up in your life at the right time. The music is a spiraling meditation, while background Theta waves work to relax you.

The echoed interludes "confidence" and "always" each repeat nearly 50 times during the recording and frame the main affirmations. The main affirmations are recorded in first and second-person for maximum effectiveness.


1."I am confident!" (repeats 6 times)
2."The doors that need to open always open for me." (repeats 4 times)/ "The doors that need to open always open for you."
3."Whatever I need comes my way." (repeats 6 times)/ "Whatever you need comes your way." (repeats 6 times)
4."The information I need always appears exactly when I need it." (repeats 6 times)/ "The information you need always appears exactly when you need it." (repeats 6 times)
5."The people I need to meet always come my way." (repeats 6 times)/ "The people you need to meet always come your way."
6."You are confident!" (repeats 6 times)

We human beings think between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day. Researchers indicate that a very high percentage of these thoughts are negative and a similarly high percentage are the same thoughts we had yesterday.

The principle behind affirmations is simple. Affirmations are a thought replacement tool. They help you become conscious of the thoughts you're thinking and replace habitually negative thoughts with habitually positive ones.

The duel engines of affirmations are repetition and belief. Your negative thoughts have been working on you for a long time and saying or listening to affirmations does not instantly change them. You have to give the positive thoughts time to sink in. The process is very similar to an exercise program. At first the exercise hurts, then it feels good, then it transforms your body. Affirmations do the same for the mind.

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