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The Search Game comes to the iPhone and iPod touch! Sometimes called the Snake Game, this is the first game that is based on a popular internet search engine!

The Search Game is a fun multi-player game and is extremely easy to play. It can also be played alone, to see if you can break the high score.

The goal is to create the longest phrase that a popular search engine can find by alternately adding one word to the end of the other player’s search phrase. Say, the first person starts with “Feelings”. Now the second person adds a word, “are”, so we get “Feelings are”...

Now every time a word is added, the phrase is searched for, and the resulting hit count is displayed. The one person who creates a sentence with zero results loses and has to do something silly (or if you want to play with points, he loses a point, and the last person who created a sentence with results will win a point). In a two player game you can just play to win or lose.

Here's a sample game:

Bob: “Feelings” (53,200,000 results)
Jane: “Feelings are” (2,100,000 results)
Peter: “Feelings are nothing” (1,090 results)
Susan: “Feelings are nothing and” (19 results)
Charles: “Feelings are nothing and we” (0 results)
Susan gets 1 point, and Charles gets minus 1 points (or has to do something silly).

If you create too obscure a sentence there won’t be any hits and you will lose, but if your sentence gets too many hits, your opponent will also be able to create a sentence with hits. The basic strategy is to try to create sentences so silly that there are only a few hits, but not so silly there are no hits.


Ultra-easy interface and game play.

Cool graphics.

Game show like sound effects.

High score system.

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