The 40 Thieves Collection

The 40 Thieves Collection

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Forty Thieves is a popular classic solitaire game which has spawned many different variants. In this app we have collected 48 of the most popular into a single collection.

All 48 games are fully functional and free-to-play, no in-app purchases.

Each variation can be played in 3-Card, 1-Card or Rush mode.

CLASSIC: The difficult traditional rules. Tableau builds in matching suit and only single cards can be moved.

GROUP MOVES: You move groups of cards that are in-sequence.

CACHE: Four cache spots, where you can store single cards.

YUKON: Unordered stacks of cards can be moved.

2-SUIT: The deck only has Hearts and Spades, four sets of each.

3-SUIT: The deck only has Hearts, Spades and Diamonds.

ALT-COLOR: The tableau builds in alternating color suit.

MIXED: The tableau builds in mixed suit.

MUDDLED: The tableau builds in any suit but matching suit.

UNITARY: There is only a single foundation that builds from Ace to King eight times.

SPIDER: The tableau builds in mixed suit, but only stacks of matching suit can be moved as a group.

HIDDEN: Cards on the tableau are hidden.

ONE-DECK: A single deck game with a different set of challenges.

PLIABLE: You choose the starting card of the foundation piles.

SUPER-PLIABLE: You choose the starting card of each foundation pile independently.

DEJA VU: The four foundation piles build from Ace to King twice over.

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