Star Tap - Idle Space Clicker

Star Tap - Idle Space Clicker

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"How far is a lifetime?"
"Does a journey have meaning if you don't remember it?"
"What is the strongest force that keeps you going on forever?"

Star Tap is an idle space clicker where you follow Stella’s journey through the solar system and beyond, to travel where no human has been before. Go on the journey of a lifetime to planets, the brightest star in each constellation, Messier Objects and more!

*Travel to Real Planets, Stars and Galaxies*
Star Tap features real destinations in space!
- Planets in the Solar System ( Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and beyond! )
- Brightest Stars in all 88 Constellations ( Deneb, Vega, Polaris and more! )
- Messier Objects
- Nebulas and Galaxies (We won't go near the black holes we promise)

*Customise your Shuttle*
Change the look of your shuttle with new parts and decals that also give your shuttle permanent stat bonuses!

*Learn more about Space and Stella*
Collect comics along the way that show more about Stella's adventure in space. Read about her inner thoughts on her travels and the enigmatic alien, and learn about the mysteries of space along the way!

*Tap to boost speed*
Tapping will increase travel speed and reduce ETA. (Estimated Time of Arrival)
The higher the speed, the faster you will arrive at the next milestone.

*Build specialised Drones to suit your strategy*
Thruster drones to improve your boosts? Resource drones to collect more resources? Or Starsoul drones to seemingly jump through space even more?

*Upgrade Shuttle Abilities and go further*
Upgrade and unlock different abilities to aid in the space journey!

*Use a mysterious power to redetermine Stella's fate!*
Begin back at Earth and start the space journey again with new, powerful advancements!


Star Tap is a free to play incremental game and does not require persistent internet connection.

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What's New

What's new
- All new milestone to explore! Stella's on-board sensors have detected over 50 more new Local Group galaxies to explore as she travels further into space!
- All new comics! Uncover new slices of Stella's adventures through space!

- UI fixes for iPhone X

- Valentine's Event Starsoul indicator not disappearing after Valentine's event has ended
- Visual bug with menu screen

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