Show Jumping

Show Jumping

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Take a peek at one of the most electrifying horse riding game of 2013!!

Storm through the path of blustery deserts, dodgy volcanoes and murky forests chased by the deadliest sky devil you’ve ever seen.

Mission Story:

Set in the year-2060, Earth is occupied by the ‘NAVA-Clans’, an army of hybrids from Planet Phamanon. With their super natural powers they left nothing but ashes on Earth taking away most of the Earth’s primary resources with humans as prisoners to build their own world. Only those who remain keep fighting for the survival of mankind. Is this the end of the world? Who will take the Earth to its rightful place?

Lord Zeron, the General of NAVA Clan accidently drops his magical ring during his battle with humans. When he leaves Plant Earth the ring slowly hides beneath the soil of Fangoon Forest. When Drake and his horse Cerus find the ring suddenly they inherit biological change and transformed into supernatural beings. Cerus and Drake suddenly finds out they can understand each other’s thoughts and share both evil and good super powers.

How to Play:

The game play is very simple. You have to tap on the screen collecting coins so that you earn enough points to get to the next level. You might also get various powers as you ride making you run in lighting speed. Watch out so that you don’t bump into metal fences or fall into deep pits. On your way towards Fangoon as you collect more and more coins & Power Boosters to defeat the Sky Devil.

Awesome Features:

√ Addicting Game Play √ Stunning graphics and Designs
√ Rich sound effects
√ Different Environment Themes
√ Choose from best horses Cerus, Ahearn and Arkhip
√ Share your Game Progress


‘Show Jumping’ is all about holding your nerves. In the first preview of the game Cerus runs to Fangoon Forest to gather other animals for back up. But it’s not that easy as it seems as he has to jump over broken bridges, high metal fences and sharp plies of crystals.

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