Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival

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【Epic Clash Mode】
The brand new mode Epic Clash is launched! You have never seen battlefields like this!
- Super Buffs and Skills: Zombie Status, Infrared Scan, Super Body and more to be discovered!
- IMBA Vehicles and Weapons
- Flexible Construction Mode
- Revive System
- Realistic Light Effect
Time to experience a totally different and exhilarating battle royale! Try nerf this!

Welcome to the brand new RULES OF SURVIVAL arena, where the deathmatch has now been raised to a thrilling epic scale! This is a Battle Royale game now played by over 230 million people worldwide.

May we present you with a fully upgraded new 8x8 km map that allows 300 players to battle on a wide variety of terrains. Only one will survive!

Beware, your safe zone is shrinking! So collect scattered weapons, arm yourself to the teeth, and wield your tactics like no other.

Alert !!! It is not just any survival game. You will re-write the RULES OF SURVIVAL!
Come embark on a world-class battle royale NOW!

【Game Feature】
Run or Fight!
- Absolute fair play in a massive HD map.
Last Man Standing!
- Solo or team mode in a 120 survivors’ battle.
Pick up and Use!
-Wide variety of firearms and accessories.
Fast and Furious!
- Drive vehicles across different terrains.

Click “CS Center” in-game to contact us if you need help.

Follow us to get exciting updates:
Twitter: @RoS_Mobile ; @RoS_JPofficial
Official Website:
Contact us: [email protected]

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What's New

1. New Content
* Support your Goddess!
* Debut Support Event is here!
- During this debut event, idols Mary and Angela will participate in a talent show on Ghillie Island. So, choose your favorite idol and support her debut! Each player only has one chance to select the idol you support. Once the choice is made, it cannot be changed, so please think carefully.
- During the event, the players' support for their idol will be summed up, and the winning team will receive rewards and the idol's exclusive Looks (the corresponding item required).
- Players on both teams' Support Leaderboard will also receive small gifts from their idols.

* Support Mission for Idol Debut!
- In Ghillie Island Ranked Matches, each match will have a new NPC with whom players can interact to accept in-battle missions. After completing the missions, players will obtain certain support items and buffs.

* Idol's Support Gift
- The limited support roulette is now available, and players can obtain rare Looks from it. When a team's support point is higher, players in this team will have a chance to upgrade Looks to their idol's limited editions.

2. Bug Fixes
* Fixed the issue where the zipline in ROStopia was suspended in the air.
* Fixed the issue where ammo was given abnormally after the first top-up.

3. Game Optimization
* Optimized the effects of damage counter.
* Added hit alerts for some firearms.
* Added KO/Kill alerts (can be enabled/disabled in Settings).
* Optimized teammates' Name Cards displayed in-battle.
* Optimized camera changes while sprinting.

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