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Our updated miniature take on a classic arcade game, with all the excitement and compelling gameplay of the bigger screens. Controls have been designed specifically with the iPhone's touch-screen in mind, making the game easy to get into, yet as difficult as ever to master.

You control a spaceship and must guide it across a scrolling terrain, battling obstacles along the way. The ship is armed with a forward-firing weapon, and bombs; each weapon has its own button. The ship must avoid colliding with the terrain and other enemies, while simultaneously maintaining its limited fuel supply, which diminishes over time. More fuel can be acquired by destroying the green fuel tanks.

The game is divided into six sections, each with a different style of terrain and different obstacles. There is no intermission between each section; the game simply scrolls into the new terrain. Points are awarded based upon the number of seconds of being alive, and on destroying enemies and fuel tanks. In the final section, the player must destroy a "base". Once this has been accomplished, a flag denoting a completed mission is posted at the bottom right of the screen. The game then continues by returning you to the first section once more, with a slight increase in difficulty.

As a development of the original, this version includes power-ups and achievements, both of which challenge you more than ever before! There are weapons power-ups, score multipliers, shields and life-guards - earn achievements (which get harder and harder) to unlock certain types of power-up and to boost your score. There are 3 Game Center leaderboards now, Scores, Progress and Achievements, plus the local scores as before.

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It's a complete re-write with the addition of Power-Ups and Achievements, plus Game Center leaderboards (Scores, Progress and Achievements). Now free-to-play with in-app purchases, or watch ads and never pay. There's a demo which begins after some inactivity - how far can the iPhone get on its own?

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