Alien farm and battle - Proxima Dragon

Alien farm and battle - Proxima Dragon

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* this is a very high degree of freedom of the game.
* almost all items can be placed anywhere in the game.
* the use of drones, farms, planting robot, harvesting robot, water supply network, automatic mining machine, AGV, Parts factory prefabricated components of a production system.
* use the city walls, power grids, plasma turrets, bombs, alien Legion soldiers to form a defensive system.
* reasonable placement of buildings to maximize the efficiency of production systems, defense facilities optimization.
* feeding and arming your dragon, it will be our main combat capability.
* on the planet of crisis, the continuous development, looking for lost contact deep space detector Explorer -x.

· 70 years ago, Space probe Explorer -x launched from our planet, and went to Proxima to explore.
· In order to solve various burst situations in deep space exploration,Engineers equipped the 4th generation advanced AI for Explorer -x.
· A few months after the probe landed, we got unprecedented valuable information about Proxima, including biology, environment, and even the local Proxima civilization.
· It is puzzling is that at Fourth months after landing, communications with Explorer-x ended.
· Proxima orbital satellite detected Explorer -x still running,and the Proxima civilization is evolving rapidly…

Game Configuration: 1、Backpack initial capacity: 28 Single items maximum: 99
2、Has been unlocked Repair spray
3、The hidden developer gift packs

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What's New

1, Luminous fishing buoy ~ !
2, Dragon hatching speed increase 100%
3, Optimize startup animation
4. Fixed some Bug

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