Inch Worm by White Pixels

Inch Worm by White Pixels

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Unique. Delightful. Challenging. Inch Worm is an addictive collection of strategy puzzles for ages 6 and up. Lead Inch home, past the cherries, acorns, leaves, snails, ladybugs and dragonflies.

Series 1: Newbie – 24 puzzles for kids and beginners
Series 2: Classic – 24 classic puzzles from Inch Worm 1.0
Series 3: Master – 24 puzzles that challenge all ages

Inch Worm is designed for kids, but fun for everyone. Success requires skills in planning, problem solving, logic and spatial relationships. Make some mistakes, and learn from them!


“I love this game!” - Jack, Zoe
“What I like about it: it’s tricky a little.” - Hazel
“Addicting.” - Matthew, Patti
“Oh, man.” - Brian


“I love cherries.” - Sophia
“I need a snack first.” - Violet
“Grab that cherry at the beginning.” - Aidan
“The acorns are the hardest.” - Leif
“Mom, I love this game! I LOVE snails!” - Jane
“I forgot I can’t go to the edge.” - Zachary
“Snails these days never listen!” - Simone


“Great. Now I’m stuck.” - Titus (with a smile)
“Just to tell you, there’s a big trap.” - Oliver
“I know the secret.” - Emmy
“I just have to plan things out.” - Elsie
“There are actually two ways to get through!” - Charlie
“I’m not going to tell you…. It’s pretty obvious.” - David
“Finally. Took me long enough.” - Sean (big smile)


Play is a big part of how kids learn. Our brains, like our muscles, need exercise and challenges. We’re here to help. White Pixels. Better games. Smarter kids.


Inch Worm was designed with kids in mind. It’s safe, non-violent, and ad-free. It runs offline. There are no in-app purchases, and no links to outside content.


Exploration: Kids learn the rules and the strategy gradually through exploration. They learn from both their successes and their mistakes.

Planning: Some kids will plan Inch’s entire route. Others will look for the next step that does no harm. Appropriate subgoals helps kids solve the advanced puzzles. It’s all good.

Logic: The critters (snails, ladybugs, and dragonflies) form sets based on their color. These colors are used to introduce the concepts of “not” and “any”.


We want everyone to be able to play.

Color Blind: You can distinguish the blue, red, and yellow snails, ladybugs, dragonflies and homes by the shape of their little dots. That’s all you need to know.

Non-Readers: Reading isn’t necessary to play. Tell your non-readers to lead Inch home. Obey the one-way signs. Eat the cherries. Push the acorns out of the way. Push and pull the critters to homes that match their color. Or just let them figure it out.

Autism Spectrum: Every child is different. It’s okay to lead Inch around all day long. There’s no timing involved. The early puzzles are relatively easy. Later puzzles require planning. There’s always the “Go Back” and “Try Again” buttons.

Mobility Impairments: You only need to tap on the squares to play. Game play only requires tapping. There’s no timing involved. The tap areas are about one-eight the width of the screen. Tap “Go Back” if you occasionally miss.

I'd love to hear how it goes for you.

Enjoy the game!

Rick Meyers
[email protected]

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We’ve updated Inch Worm for Apple’s latest devices. You can swipe between levels to solve them in any order. Enjoy the game!

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