Kids Games Collection

Kids Games Collection

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The big games package for children up to 6 years old.

This free collection of games contains six different game categories for your child. Each therefore contains a lot of content.

Young children will enjoy using this games package for countless hours of fun and will also learn by playing.

The Memo Game:
The classical memory game with different motifs like cars, machines, food, animals, numbers and much more. Your child has to find all the pairs in the least possible moves and is only allowed to uncover two cards at a time. Those able to remember the positions of the cards the best, will win the game in less moves. This game is fun and improves memory.

Painting (connect the dots):
Let your child discover the cute motif, by connecting the dots one by one. Having fun, your children learn to identify different objects and animals by playing. Once your child has connected all the displayed dots one by one, one of the cute motifs will be displayed. This game helps with identification of forms and at the same time also supports the fine motor skills of your child, as the little dots on the screen have to be connected with precision.

Activity Puzzles
These high quality puzzles that were specially developed for children are exactly the right thing for you and your child!
Jump into these wonderful worlds of lovingly designed puzzles. Each children's puzzle is made from a different number of pieces (dependent on the difficulty level set). The puzzle pieces are all at an angle and have to be placed at the right angle in the right position. This helps to train both logical thinking and shape recognition.

Animal Puzzles:
A lovingly designed game for small children up to the age of 3 years. The two puzzle categories and many motifs offer differing challenges and variety for your children. Your children train their optical sense as well as their logical thinking by playing and in so doing learn about many animals and their habitats.

Explore worlds
Let your child discover four detailed worlds full of animals, plants, clouds, lakes, dinosaurs and other objects. All objects react to your child's touch. The animals move and make typical noises. Your child thereby learns to assign the sound to the relevant animal.

3D Puzzles
In this puzzle with an adjustable difficulty level all the pieces are winding forms; these have been cut and remodeled with a 3d effect. Let your children improve their sense of space and their visual reasoning.

Lots of gaming content
Great sound effects, colorful graphics and funny extras
Difficulty settings can be set individually based on the abilities of your child.
Rewards when games completed successfully
Child-Proof-Lock built in
Your child is introduced to using modern day devices by playing
The interface for the game is set to the requirements of your child and does not contain any unrequired game guides, neither are the screens overloaded with confusing content for your child.
Free from advertisements

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