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Price Book Comparison Shopper

Price Book Comparison Shopper

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NOTE: Price Book now has a forum where people can post issues they are having and find solutions, as well as request new features. Find it at

NOTE: Some users have found that if this is their first version of Price Book, that after installing it, they have to delete it and install it a second time for Price Book to work correctly. I'm working with Apple to resolve this problem.

NOTE: Price Book app only contains user entered pricing data and does not contain data entered by the developer.

SUPPORT: All emails for support receive a timely response and I really appreciate hearing from you if you have any issues.

MAJOR NEW RELEASE - now Price Book comes with a companion website =, where you can enter and store your Price information using your desktop keyboard and import that information to your Price Book app on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Once your Price Book app is registered with the website, changes you make to your information on your device are automatically exported to the website to be safely stored (when you have network connectivity). On the website, you can also email Items w/Prices and individual prices to friends. You need to install a copy of Price Book on an iPhone/iPod touch to be able to use the features on the Price Book website. If your copy of Price Book is deleted on your device for whatever reason or by accident you delete a price from your device, you can import your data from the website back to your iPhone/iPod Touch where your price information has been safely stored, after you have reinstalled the Price Book app.
There are five video tutorials on the website showing how to use the Price Book app with the website under the header "Videos".

Two steps to use the website: 1) Signup for a free account on the website =,
2) In the Price Book app, on the export page, click on Register. That's it!

This new version 2.0.0 of Price Book provides a few new features that have been requested by many users of Price Book. The following is a summary with full details at the bottom:
1) price/units are now calculated across all prices for an item based on smallest unit per unit group of fluids, weight, length, area,
2) items and prices can be imported and exported from the website to/from the Price Book app on your device,
3) sale field added to Edit Prices,
4) on price page, sales are indicated by a red letter "S" on the price page
5) on price page, coupons are indicated by a red letter "C" on the price page.Price/unit is now calculated within four unit groups: 1) Fluids, 2) Weight, 3) Length, 4) Area, between both metric and english units. Then the prices are sorted within each unit group. For example,
maybe laundry soap can be purchased in liquid and dry form, so there are prices for 1) quart, 2) liter, 3) kg, 4) ounce. The price/unit will be shown in per quart for 1) and 2) and in per ounce for
3) and 4) and then sorted so that the cheapest price per unit group is at the top.

The items stored in your Price Book can be searched on by typing in a few of the letters of the item. A list of prices can be created for each item that includes 1) Location, 2) Zipcode (Default is filled in by GPS), 3) Date (Default = Today's date), 4) Price, 5) Quantity, 6) Units (selected from table), 7) Brand (optional), 8) Coupon (optional), 9) Notes (optional). The stored prices can be edited and they can also be sorted over based on 1) Date, 2) Price, 3) Location.

Prices are displayed with 1) Location, 2) Total Price, 3) Brand, 4) Price per unit, 5) Date, 6) Quantity in package (e.g. 16 oz/pkg, 4.5 lb/pkg)

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Fixed duplication of prices on device when the following occurred:

1) Price created on website
2) Price imported to device
3) Price modified on website
4) Price re-imported to device

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