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Have you ever wondered what your pets were thinking? With Animal Analysis all you have to do is point your camera at them and their thoughts appear.

Thanks to the wonders of augmented reality and machine learning you can now see what is going on in your cat's mind and determine if your dog is hungry or wants to play.

You may find that your pets have nothing on their minds or maybe they are very chatty after all. You may even discover that even other animals have things on their minds.

Best of all you can tap the camera button in the bottom left to grab a pic of the thoughts!

Who knows what you may discover with in a world where animals can talk.

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Remember when we said that Debra was the GOOD intern? Well turns out she couldn't spell and her mistakes are all over the code. The other developers are so embarrassed that you received a version of the app with bad spelling in the code, so that's fixed now.

Bruce found a way to crash the app that he couldn't explain, but luckily Debra was able to translate so now she's the head of user experience. Crazy how fast she climbed from intern to upper management! But she put her foot down and made the development team fix the problem. As it turns out the problem was that you would try to post a message in the chat and the app could crash. But don't worry, it's all fixed now.

So the rumor around the office is that Debra planted that bug so she could get a promotion. So now Tommy and the dev team have been running around trying to catch moths, ants and other bugs so they can do the same thing. A few of us think they are all crazy but it sure is fun watching them run around the lab with fishing nets. So far they haven't caught any bugs, so maybe it is good that Debra got the promotion instead of these guys! Could you imagine how buggy this place would be without someone like her?

Anyway, have fun with the app and let us know what you think! :)

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