Selling Fearlessly by Robert Terson

Selling Fearlessly by Robert Terson

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GoSalesTrain presents "Selling Fearlessly by Robert Terson" in which Robert has combined the art of compelling story telling with the wisdom of his personal experience at selling.

This app provides Robert's videos via which he candidly and engagingly enthralls viewers with tales of success and failure, while taking them by the hand and leading them from fear to greatness.

Selling Fearlessly although beneficial to all salespeople, specifically targets the one-call-close simple-sale salesperson, addresses all the elements of selling; and spotlights the paralyzing fear factor that 80% of the 16,000,000 salespeople in the United States, who only do 20% of the business, must face every time they make a call or give a presentation.

With Selling Fearlessly, Robert Terson has taken us into the world of the real salesperson where we get to experience his frustrations, lessons learned, tricks and tips and keys to success.

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The app offers:

The Selling Fearlessly training module that includes:

1. Bridge to the Triangle

1.1 The Mound Road Story
1.2 We're All Salespeople
1.3 Are Salespeople Born or Made
1.4 Do You Have to Believe in Your Product or Service
1.5 The Power and Security of Straight Commission
1.6 Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something
1.7 Success Is a By-product of Preparation and Execution
1.8 They'll Buy if They Like You
1.9 The Triangle

2. Mental Attitude

2.1 Motivation
2.2 Desire
2.3 Belief
2.4 The Subconscious Mind
2.5 Gratitude
2.6 Commitment
2.7 Persistence
2.8 Responsibility
2.9 Competitiveness
2.10 Cold Calling
2.11 Protecting Your Mental Attitude
2.12 The Devil's Retirement Story

3. Work Habits

3.1 Work Schedule
3.2 Self Starter
3.3 Chunks
3.4 Consistency
3.5 Saturation Point
3.6 Common Sense Basics
3.7 Working Smart
3.8 Callbacks
3.9 Record Keeping
3.10 Make Sure the Customer
3.11 Never Take It Personally
3.12 Learn from Your Mistakes

4. Salesmanship

4.1 The Approach
4.2 Setting the Stage
4.3 Telling Clues
4.4 The Importance of Equality
4.5 Enthusiasm
4.6 Visual Aids
4.7 Delivery
4.8 Credibility
4.9 Killer Instinct
4.10 Control
4.11 The Socratic Method
4.12 Hot Buttons
4.13 Emotional Impact
4.14 Stories and Word Pictures
4.15 The Sixth Sense
4.16 The Power of Genuine Admiration
4.17 Overcoming Objections
4.18 Reverse Direction
4.19 Testimonials
4.20 Pitfalls to Avoid
4.21 Closing
4.22 Post-Closing
4.23 Technology
4.24 Greatness

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