Pop Tables -Times Table Songs

Pop Tables -Times Table Songs

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Original, catchy 2 to 12 Multiplication Times Tables songs that kids love to learn to sing along with while playing a balloon popping time tables game.

"demografix pty ltd always comes up with novel approaches to learning. Pop Tables is a fun way to review basic math facts. Pairing the irresistible urge to pop bubbles to a hip school house rock beat, try and see how many points you can rack up before the song is over. Wrong answers will take you back, so be careful! There is an option to stop the action to rest a bit, but only for a few moments. By playing a few rounds a day and your students will be singing the praises of Pop Tables! (Intended for kids 6-8, the sweet spot seems to be for the older set just learning to memorize their times tables)." by Jo Booth · June 1, 2016 · MATH, TeachersWithApps Picks

The songs have been specifically written to make them easy to learn and to enhance the repetition of the times tables for young learners. Suitable for home and school broadcast use, each Times Table song is different and follows the format of twice through the tables as vocals, once as instrumental and finally once again as vocals.

The 'Balloon Game' gets kids interacting and thinking about the tables as they ‘pop’ the correct balloons, striving for a higher score. The song plays while they play the 'game'. At the end of the song, their high score is saved.

The 'game' can be turned off so the tables can be displayed for a class view.

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Use as s a teaching tool by connecting your iPhone or iPad to a smart board or external speakers.

- A setting that allows you to have some of the balloon with the numbers as words. Off by default.
- Turn Game Off (Display only the tables while the songs play)
- You can control the number of '3 second' pauses during a song from zero to ten.
- Control the speed that the balloons rise to cater for younger learners.

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