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Outdoor Fun is an iPad application, designed by a certified speech pathologist with an idea of providing speech pathologists with a fun and flexible tool to practice expressive and receptive language skills.

This application requires an interaction of a child with his/her instructor as it is not a prerecorded application. The instructors are recommended to sit next to the child and tell the child exactly what to do. This allows more flexibility and more human interaction. The instructors can work on many different goals depending on the particular child’s needs

Outdoor Fun consists of three colorful and animated scenes with kids having fun at the beach, park and mountains. Each scene can be operated in two ways making the total of 6 scene scenarios. One version of the scene is called “clickable” when the child or SLP clicks on objects or kids in the scene and animation is played. Another version of the scene is called “arrange” when the child can add and arrange object or kids in the scene. In addition each scene is accompanied by background sound ,e.g. sound of the ocean, to make the scene more realistic and also to help children practice their listening skills in the presence of environmental distracters.

Moreover Outdoor Fun has additional features that will be useful for speech pathologists. This application allows speech pathologists : to add their clients; to use the bank of excising goals or to add their own goals; to assign multiple goals to a client; to have multiple clients in a session. Each goal can be scored and the accuracy will be available at the end of the session . Speech pathologist can view the details of each session by the date of the session at any time.

Outdoor Fun can be used for both receptive and expressive language. Children will be able to:

1.Follow 1-step or multiple directions
2.Answer wh-questions
3.Practice sentence structure
4.Learn new vocabulary related to the beach, park and mountains
5.Learn verbs as all the kids in the scenes are performing different actions
6.Practice present progressive vs past tense
7.Practice regular vs irregular past tense verbs
8. Practice personal pronoun of he/she as the kids in the scenes are boys and girls
9.Learn and practice prepositions e.g. next to , above, below, besides, between etc.
10. Tell a story
11.Use their imagination and take on the roles
12.Take turns etc.

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