Instrument Check Ride Prep

Instrument Check Ride Prep

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The Instrument Pilot Check-Ride Prep (ACS Updated) Software is a 2 and a half hour course that will help you understand all the knowledge required to breeze through the Instrument Practical Test under the new ACS (Airman Certification Standards).

From start to end you will be a virtual participant in an Instrument Practical Test with real questions used by FAA examiners. Plenty of tips and tricks on how to put the inspector at ease, using the correct words to show him you are a safe and confident pilot.

You will walk in that room knowing that all of the required documents and endorsements are where they need to be. You will be prepared for any question or scenario the examiner might send your way. we will help you avoid the common mistakes and traps students fall into when taking the Check-Ride, as we will teach you how to steer clear of common traps. With the new found confidence we guarantee you will ace your Practical Test.

The software is presented in the same format as you are already used to with an easy to use interface, accessible table of contents and a succession of slides that guide you through all of the steps necessary to conquer this Instrument Rating. We will be there until the moment you receive your license.

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Updated all the Documents and lectures to reflect all the changes the Federal Aviation Administration has made in the past two years. Updated the Federal Aviation Regulations as well as the Airmen Certification Standards to 2018. Eliminated some obsolete material.

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