Panda Math Farm by BabyBus

Panda Math Farm by BabyBus

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Anyone who downloads 【Math Farm】 can become a math master!
Start with training addition and subtraction of small numbers. The difficulty level gradually increases, and soon you will be able to add and subtract up to twenty easily!
If you practice addition and subtraction through a game instead of the regular way, it will be fun, not boring!
The stories in 【Math Farm】 are just as fun as the game, too!

The bad pests ruined Kiki's farm and even stole her trophy! Kiki is son angry. She has decided to kill the pests and bring her farm back to normal! Her math skills are the only weapon that can help fight the pests! And so the PK war between Kiki and the pests starts...

Every time you get a question right Kiki gets a gardening tool.
You can only collect your harvest after you go through the 5 steps: cultivating bleak land, planting seedlings, watering, etc!
Just getting them right is not good enough. You have to be fast, too. If you are too slow, the pests get closer step by step, and can ruin the crops.
Therefore, you must concentrate and be fast. That is the only way to get rid of the pests.
If you solve all the questions under 10, you get a gold trophy. If you solve all the questions under 20, you get a crystal trophy!


1. There are so many questions in the questions storage. You will be able to master addition and subtraction under 20.
2. The stories add fun to the game!
3. If you get the questions right you can get rid of pests. You can study while playing, and there is no time to be bored!
4. Very fun farm cultivation and farm management!
5. Cultivate 6 types of crops, and you will feel very accomplished!
6. A great reward system and various trophies await you!
7. Practice sorting. The difficulty level gradually increases!
8. It is so easy to play!
9. You will be impressed by the details of the game!

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