500 Chinese Characters - Preschool Must-have

500 Chinese Characters - Preschool Must-have

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If you have a child of 3-6 or ready to go to primary school, you shouldn’t miss HongEn's 500 Preschool Chinese Characters.

500 Chinese Characters classify and conclude 500 Chinese Characters in a ladder form, display their shapes, pronunciations, words and pictures.

Reading pen "My reader" with 500 Chinese Characters sold well in Xinhua Book store for 5 years. Nearly ten thousand kindergartens use it as textbook, 100000 children use it study Chinese characters.

Product Character:

It classify and conclude in a ladder form, displaying their shapes, pronunciations, words and pictures.

Each word has its picture to help kids understand, and Pinyin help child with the standard pronunciation, built solid base for kids speak standard Mandarin in their future.

The words table without drawing can enhance children's overall recognition ability to achieve the purpose of literacy through the glyph.

Operation Mode:

"Study with hands" is the behavior character of kids. This is the fun of studying:

Little hands enjoy touching - Children love to look for and find new things and the same applies with this. The app is designed so that anywhere the children touch there will be something to find. This encourages the children to look through the scenario pictures and discover as much as they can.

Dynamic games - Tap on the bear Teddy of each page, one of them would ask questions, ask child to find Chinese character by hands. Let the children play and remember.

Pronunciation - Look at pictures and tap on Chinese characters and Pinyin, you can heard standard
Mandarin pronunciation. Your child can speak
standard Mandarin in the future .

Repetition - As they explore the pictures more and more, sentences and words will be repeated. Through this repetition, these words and sentences will settle in your child’s memory with the greatest of ease.

Interesting – Children can find different sounds when tap different pictures.

HongEn Character:

Scientific rigor:
This is the result of much careful planning and organization by HongEn’s educational specialists.

After many tests:
All content is taken and refined from the children’s books which have been under constant market research and development for more than 2 years across almost 10,000
kindergartens. This refinement has ensured the production of the best most effective learning tool for your children.

A fine production:
This is not just your average point and read application. Lots of interactive games and activities combined with the useful test function to gauge your child’s progress, makes this a first class learning product designed with your child always in mind.

Excellent quality and reasonable price:
With all content coming from the books and the price being much lower than similar products on the market, there can be no question that what you are purchasing is a quality product at a decent price that will provide an invaluable learning tool for your child’s early learning!

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