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11x13 is not about Learning, but a straight Training-App.
Open the app and start exercising.
Just 10 minutes of daily practicing will expand your familiarity with numbers and will help to overcome reservation regarding Math.

The basic arithmetic operations constitute the foundation of further mathematical skills. Problems in this area will show up anywhere else. And, vice versa, if one encounters difficulties understanding seemingly simple mathematical principles, odds are that there is some very basic practicing needed.

Charts and grids make your progress visible.
The personal level for each calculation method, marked by a star symbol, is continuously computed from the rating of the current exercise and the time you need to find the answer. The sum of the four levels, shown on top of the main screen, forms your score, which can be uploaded to a leaderboard by enabling Game Center.

Additionally, there are 20x20-Grids that show the number range up to 20+20, 20x20 and so on.

I appreciate your Feedback. Feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

Kind regards
Matthias Hennemeyer

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