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Xeoma Video Surveillance

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"...one of the most complete video surveillance software for home use, and all of this, while remaining user friendly!" - user review.

Piece-of-a-cake-easy for beginners - powerful for professionals, Xeoma is a free app client for remote access to connect to your desktop or VsaaS server part of Xeoma to view cameras and recordings over the network. Together with the server part, it makes a complete video security solution with construction-set structure, cutting-edge interface and unlimited flexibility - and breathtaking possibilities.
Also perfect for business optimization: automation, gathering statistics, increasing profits and reducing losses.

Recognition of faces, object types (human, drone, etc.), vehicle license plates and speed, emotions, object's color, loitering, double authorization, and more is available in this VMS!

Remember how you enjoyed playing with your construction set as a kid - combining simple elements and making them grow gradually into something bigger? Even easier than that, now you can realize your most complicated video surveillance goals thanks to Xeoma's incredible flexibility. Configure the system you need exactly, simply and quickly!

Whether you have an IP camera or a CCTV camera, auto-detection of the server part of Xeoma will find them and make your PC and camera a ready to work out-of-the-box VMS. Supported are hundreds of brands and models of webcams and IP cameras (Wi-Fi, USB, H.264/H.264+, H.265/H.265+, MJPEG, MPEG-4, ONVIF, PTZ), up to 3000 cameras per server, with as many servers as you want. And as if it wasn't enough, Xeoma server can work on any computers, servers, and some smartphones and tablets, in either of 3 modes including the free trial mode that you can use over and over again!

The free app for iOS is for easy video security: view cameras and archives from your mobile device, even behind firewalls (with the help of the special Repeater service)! It can also be used to connect to Xeoma Cloud VsaaS.

Available Artificial Intelligence features:
* Face Recognition (with auto training, and search by a photo - in live feeds and in recordings);
* People Double Authentication (with QR Code or smart cards reading) for control access systems;
* Vehicle License Plate Recognition (also supports third-party LPR tools);
* Emotions Recognition (7 basic human facial expressions);
* Object Type Recognition (cars, birds, humans, animals, etc.);
* Color Recognition;
* Sports Ball Tracking;
* Demographics analyzer;
* Crowd Detector;
and many others.

Key features of Xeoma:
* Unique, truly user-friendly interface
* Various modes of work including the free trial. Client parts are always free
* Unlimited number of servers and clients
* Flexible setup thanks to construction-set idea
* Highest level of reliability
* Support for all kinds of webcams and IP cameras (ONVIF, Wi Fi, USB, H.264, H.265, MJPEG, MPEG4, PTZ)
* Easy to use even for beginners
* No installation or admin rights required for a server part
* Ready to work right after download with default optimized settings
* Server part can work on any computers, servers, and some smartphones and tablets
* Full set of features for efficient video surveillance
* Smart motion detector with advanced false alarm avoiding logic
* Event-triggered or scheduled notifications (SMS, email, etc.)
* Loop archive that can records to various disks or NAS
* Remote access even with no real IP address
* Available view of cameras and archives via browser
* Protection from unauthorized access
* Flexible user access rights
* Fast and responsive high quality tech support
* Constant development and releases of new features
* Available in 22 languages

Surely, you already figured out where you could use it and how greatly it could help!

Get excited about powerful possibilities of Xeoma. This video surveillance software will save your time, nerves and money!
Download the free app now - get the best for your safety!

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