Still working on some other features, but I managed to release a small one tonight. App pages now have multiple screenshots from the App. This primarily is true for new updates, so if you search, apps that haven’t been updated for a while may not have all screenshots shown.

But all the new ones have them, and over time, the rest will catch up.

For an example, see TileMatch and click on the left and right arrows.

This list doesn’t represent popularity in terms of sales (we don’t have access to that information) but in terms of attention that they draw on this site. This should be obvious when you see the most “popular” app is a $899.99 app that clearly just piqued the curiosity of a lot of people.

Most Popular Paid (Non Games)

1. iRa
2. Transformation Belt
3. A.I. Disk
4. iCashboard
5. WeatherLive Pro
6. Fake Call
7. mBoxMail
8. Toy Camera
9. WalkieTalkie VOIP
10. To-Do List

Most Popular Free (Non Games)

1. MiniPiano
2. chorddi-401b
3. WeatherEye
4. Google Earth
5. Cooliris
6. Files lite
7. 160,000 Recipes – BigOven
8. iTranslate
9. Doodler
10. Random Pose

Most Popular Paid (Games)

1. Clusterball Arcade
2. GW Chef
3. Virtual Villagers: A New Home
4. Mission 22
5. iFishing
6. iGolf Pro
7. Shooter
8. Jungle Defender
9. iSoccerFor2
10. Midnight Pool

Most Popular Free (Games)

1. FIGHTER PILOT LITE – Dogfight Battle – Jet Aircraft
2. RhinoBall
3. Advanced Checkers
4. iBullets
5. FUNKY PUNCH: Free Style
6. Debugger
7. Mouse About lite
8. Venger Lite
9. Rollems Lite
10. iDiamond

Here’s a bonus list, based on some data that is coming soon to AppShopper. The average rating is shown, with the number of votes that it was based on in parenthesis.

Highest rated new Paid apps with at least 5 votes

1. gSearch 5.00 (6)
2. A.I. Disk 5.00 (10)
3. Virtual Villagers: A New Home 5.00 (28)
4. iVote Pro 5.00 (6)
5. iAdviseMe 4.50 (6)
6. Faces! 4.50 (8)
7. Darts 4.50 (10)
8. American Dominoes 4.50 (8)
9. iLambo 4.50 (7)
10. RainbowNote 4.50 (6)
11. Photo Hunter 4.50 (26)
12. Fizz Snow 4.50 (8)
13. 4.50 (7)
14. aPix Hotties 4.50 (13)
15. iFishing 4.50 (19)

We’re doing some upgrades and maintenance on the site tonight (Sat, October 25th), so you may not see updates for a long period of time (hours). Don’t worry, they are being recorded, but will show up all at once later in the evening (if all goes well).

We have a number of features that have been requested, and hopefully those will be coming soon.

Update: Things are sort of working now, but we will still be on slower than usual updates during Sunday. It should be worth it in the end. We’ll be back up to usual (and more) on Monday.

We’ve received a lot of suggestions, and just wanted to let you know that most of them are in the works in one form or another. There is a lot going on behind the scenes, it’s just been slow to come.

In the meanwhile, here’s an interesting list of the most popular new apps from the past week. I’ve split them up into the most popular Paid and Free apps and also separated Games out into its own list, since they tend to dominate the lists.

Most Popular Paid (Non Games)

1. iProRecorder™
2. Wikipedia
3. Haunted
4. FreshWater Aquarium
5. Gazette
6. Photo Lab
7. Pocket Lightning
8. Automata
9. Pano
10. Your 2 Face

Most Popular Free (Non Games)

1. Briefcase Lite
2. Cooliris
3. Firemail
4. Dictionaire: The Simple Dictionary
5. FLEX Photo Lab
6. Free Translator
7. Cheap Gas!
8. WritePad
9. StereoMaker
10. Qwikipedia

Most Popular Paid (Games)

1. Urban Tycoon
2. Nanosaur 2
3. Mister Bumblebee Racing Champion
4. Vektrax
5. ParkingLot
6. Topple
7. LED Basketball
8. Puzzllotto
9. Loot Wars
10. Venger

Most Popular Free (Games)

1. PAC-MAN Lite
2. Touch Hockey: FS5 (FREE)
3. iBall3D
4. Tap ‘n’ Slide
5. Free Spore™ Origins LE
6. Surface to Air Mayhem Lite
7. MazeFinger
8. Card Shark
9. Winter Snow Globe
10. rRootage

I’ve also removed apps that were new this week and then quickly dropped in price, as that can skew the results for those apps. This list isn’t perfect, as Apps introduced just yesterday will be at a disadvantage, but it’s still an interesting list.

No need to adjust you settings, the App Store seems to have taken Sunday off.

Maybe it’s due to the holiday weekend, but the App Store is uncharacteristically quiet today, with no new Apps, no App Updates or Price Changes being reflected in the store. It’s not like this every Sunday.

Last Sunday we saw:

  • 53 New Apps
  • 28 Version Updates
  • 21 Price Changes

But there’s still a little time, and many of the app releases do seem to happen later in the evening.

Welcome to This is a project that we’ve been working on for the a number of weeks. The site exists to track all activity in the iTunes App Store and to provide you an easy way to find new Apps and discounts.

We cut out a lot of the features from the first release in order to get it delivered. The core functionality is in place, but we have plans for many new features.  With the loss of the “All iPhone Apps” functionality in the iTunes store, the site had already become very useful, and we thought we’d share it.

This blog will serve as a place we can post observations, site news and highlight interesting apps and price changes.

We appreciate the feedback. There are still a few site rendering issues in Internet Explorer, but hopefully those will be addressed shortly. Thanks for visiting, and spread the word.