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Marianne Schultz, Editor in Chief [twitter] [personal blog and podcast]

Marianne has been a fan of Apple products for longer than she’d like to admit and has owned every iPhone  (and almost every iPad) model so far starting from the day they were each released. Her iPhone is never far from her hands no matter where she is and she is always excited to try out new apps capable of making her (or AppShopper’s astute readers) more productive or entertained. Marianne was first introduced to the world of apps for mobile devices long ago when she owned a Palm V PDA, which was succeeded by many other PDAs and cell phones made by the likes of Sony/Sony Ericsson, RIM, Nokia, and others.

Arnold Kim, Founder [twitter]
Chris Bernick, Developer [twitter]


Jhonatan Goncalves

The Adventures of a Legend – Beyond Survival
Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jsagon.theadventuresofalegendbeyondsurvival

The Adventures of a Legend has as its plot the discovery of the secrets that have resulted in the changes and transformations of the world into a world of fantasies and mysteries that have spawned monsters, created adventures and challenges.
The player then, with help of The Ancient, aims to find the answers to questions about the mysteries and adventures, and at each stage he will be closer to solving the mysteries that have resulted in this change in the world.

The game has two modes, the survival mode (basically focused on collecting fragments and coins, and the time the player can stay alive) and the mode of exploration of the world (where the story is told).

Mike Gibson

I would like to submit my app for consideration for review. I bought an iPhone Dev for Dummies book and wrote this app along with a couple others: KitchenSubs and PaperConvert.

Link to the app: http://mikegibsonmusic.com/mgStore.html

About the App:
This is the Free app version of my ebook Life in the Key of Gibson! This past weekend during a promo the ebook was ranked #1 in two of the free Kindle categories on Amazon. With this free app you can listen to all 19 original songs and read all 16 stories from the book.

How To Use The App:
-Launch the app
-Read the story behind the song in the white text box
-Push the play button to listen to the song
-Push previous or next buttons to read and listen to a new song. Note: Some stories have more than one song so you may change songs and the same story appear. It is not broken.
-For more information click the Home button at the bottom of the screen and click the link to visit my website


Hide Chats & Phone Screen from Onlookers, Peepers & your Boss who keeps an eye on your phone. No more in-security and hiding game during Whatsapp Chat or Facebook Messenger in metro, bus, cab or in office. Be tension free while using any chatting app, any dating app e.g. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Tinder, TrulyMadly, Happn, OkCupid Dating, Hitwe, Badoo, Woo or any other chatting platform.

scott b. sobel

Welcome to Surftone America the ringtone application that features the Surf Rock Guitar of Australia’s Premier Surf Rock Guitarist Martin Cilia..He is considered to be the World’s premier player in this swinging, retro cool genre of music. His song “Return of the Surf Guitar” is regarded to be an essential listen in the history of surf rock guitar and we offer it as part of a package of 10 ringtones for just $1.99. We have spent time curating and picking the best of Martin Cilia’s work and couldn’t be more happier to what we are listening to..We hope you enjoy your Ringtones and Mahalo from Surftone America!

Long Dang

Merge Dominoes : Block Puzzle is a very fun and exciting block puzzle game! This colorful and fun free merged game for brain training . It will keep you entertained for hours and play free merged game FREE forever!

Do you love puzzle games? Do you like lovely color blocks and numbers inside dices of classic family game “Dominoes”?

Inspired by 1010 puzzle, 2048 puzzle, Merged!, bitmango and hexagon block puzzle games, merging games…! Check out our new free merged game about domino dices, Merge Dominoes : Block Puzzle.

Merge Dominoes : Block Puzzle is a merged block puzzle game that you need to get higher and higher scores and eliminate blocks of dominoes from the grid! It will destroy your brain totally!

– Drag a domino blocks to the grid empty cells!
– Place 3 or more dice domino blocks with the same number and color next to each other to merge them horizontally, vertically or both.
– You can rotate dice dominoes block before placing them on the grid by tapping on them.
– Merge dice dominoes to get higher value, more domino blocks more scores you get.
– The final piece is domino dice with letter “M” called “SUPER DICE”, which can be joined by merging 3 or more dominoes block [6].
– Match 3 or more “SUPER DICE” will create explosion which destroy many blocks around it.
– You can use 2 booster items: TRASH and HAMMER. It very useful to make you get the highest score.

– The best of merging dominoes game and in top trending puzzle.
– Ideal for all ages.
– Play easily and quickly.
– With limited space on grid, merging will more difficult with totally random dice block of dominoes ! Improve your strategy skill and test your brain!
– Unlimited moves and no time limits then you won’t feel stressful. Just feel relax after busy day or want to kill free time!
– Connect to Facebook and challenge with your friends on logic games and addicting puzzle.
– Smoothing sounds effect and super visual effects.

Smartly cell connect dices, have fun and become the genius of free merged dominoes game!

* Merge Dominoes : Block Puzzle contain ads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.
* Merge Dominoes : Block Puzzle is free to play, but you can buy in-app items like ads-free and diamonds!

Have any questions about merge dominoes game? Just contact us at [email protected].


Guide for Xender:file transfer,Sharing with include tips and Guide for file transfer, big file transfer, file share, large file transfer, and all file sharing.

New Xender 2017 File Transfer does not need USB phone No use of data to another phone No internet. No application shareit. With file transfer sharing Xender for pc software download app all types of files when also everywhere. And for free! So that you can share file windows, and share the Mac file with the free transfer of Xender files or transfer the sharing of the application shareit.

shikha singh

Document Scanner – PDF Creator :

What makes it different from crowd:
A Completely Free Android Document scanner app that can scan and optimize your document in better quality or in different modes like B/W, Color, Lighten, Dark etc., QR/ Barcode scanning, turn your old document into a new, clear and sharp PDF, save pdf into various sizes from A-1 to A-6, print/Fax scanned document directly from the app. Cloud Storage facility also available to save documents on Google Drive, Dropbox.


VariFlight-Live on Time FREE IOS app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1198164839?mt=8

VariFlight-Live on Time provides its users with real-time flight status info, incl. current location on the map, scheduled and actual time of departure and arrival.
Users can look up airport tables and airport weather along with aircraft type and age used in a specific flight.
The main advantage of this app is accuracy of displayed info and predictions.


Garden photo editor are the most beautiful and attractive photo frames
Place your photos on the Garden Photo Background like poster frames.Gardens decorate your photos more beautiful with colourful flowers and green plants.
We develop these Photo Frame Garden for pictures with High quality beautiful flowers and natural scenery places.Feel yourself you are in the surroundings of colourful flowers and green plants with this Photo Garden Editor application.

Eric Snider

Hello! I can’t find the “Submission Guidelines” mentioned on the page that sent me here. So I’m going to follow the crowd and post my request here…

Tiny Little Crosswords is a fun and easy-to-use crossword puzzle game for beginners or experts. It’s programmed by me :), Eric Snider, who wrote the “Eric’s Solitaire Sample” that shipped with every Macintosh, long ago. The Puzzles are designed by award-winning board game designers Aaron Weissblum and David Arnott. The music and sounds are by Bob Claster who is the teleprompter operator for Jimmy Kimmel Live when he’s not helping us. 🙂 We have two other one-player word games, Noodle Doodle and Tuklu. Noodle Doodle was featured by Apple as a “Best New iPad Game.”

The game has been well received by the users playing it but we think it has a way bigger possible audience. It’s tough as an indie developer to find users though. So I’m writing to see if you’ll check out our game because we can use your help!


Proximity Grid

Identify, Connect, and Engage with the world around you. Put photos in their place and build out your own world of things that matter to you.

Gareth Nicholls

Introducing KidsCast, a monster new video-on-demand app that’s bursting with brilliant kids’ TV shows and games.

–> https://kidscast.tv/

The app is set in the fantastical world of the KidsCast Kingdom, where you can navigate the Magical Forest, Funfair, KidsCast Castle, KidsCast Cove and The Space Between Worlds.

There, you’ll discover a library of fun games and interactive learning content, too. What’s more, you can download games and TV shows to your favourite device and play them offline. Plus, every month, you get loads of new surprises to enjoy. Great!


If you want to share file or do the large file transfer with SHAREit app and don’t know much about how to do it in the fastest ways.
Guide SHAREit big file transfer this is application guide for user will use SHAREit app should have.

Joonil Kim

Mojipad has recently been updated to version 3.5.
Mojipad is a written planner app. If users write things down freely, as they would on a notepad, Mojipad synchronize them with iOS Calendar and Reminder automatically.
Version 3.5 added task management feature and has changes in it’s UI/UX.
I hope Mojipad will be reached appshopper users.
Plus, Mojipad is currently discounting from $1.99 to $0.99.

Conroy Ricketts

Geometric Battle For Survival is an arcade game set in space. The goal of the game is to survive for as long as you can while defending against the enemy’s geometric onslaught. To do this you have to build factories that produce your very own army of geometric shapes to fight for you. Your high score, which is showcased on the leader board, is accumulated by holding off the enemy’s attack for as long as possible while getting your geometric shapes past the enemy’s front line.

– Compete for the highest score
– Play custom game modes
– Showcase your scores on the leader boards
– Build factories that produce geometric shapes to fight for you
– Use a special ability to devastate the enemy


app insider 360

Best matching Outfits and styles for wonderful “Couple Photo Suit New”app

Hello everyone….This time we were back again with an extra ordinary app that is “Couple Photo Suit New”.
Are you going for shopping and don’t have any idea of what to take then let’s install this “Couple Photo Suit New “app.
You can then check out which dress is going to suit you to the best. You can even see which hairstyles may be best on you within free of cost.
Sometimes you may be busy or lazy and have no interest to try the best dress which suit you. Then without any doubt you can install this wonderful Couple Photo Suit New app.


Party tonight as if you are going to live once! That’s what Boom Boom Hunt is all about. Enjoy instant access to the nearest nightclubs during your visit to the hottest party destinations of Asia and Europe. Previously you need to visit the place and find the night out destination on your own. Now the time has come that you can already check the best clubs in Bangkok including other bustling destinations across the South East Asia and Europe from your living room. Use the app during your holiday to find some of the happening destinations of the world and enjoy the benefits of being there.

BBH has currently listed the Nightlife from Thailand, Singapore, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, France, Malaysia, Brazil, Greece and India and will be adding more Countries soon.
Be it the Best Clubs In Bangkok, Gay Clubs in Bangkok, Gentlemen’s or Strip Clubs in London, Nightlife in Barcelona, Late night entertainment in Rio, Late night party in Madrid, massage parlours in Phuket, Pattaya, or Singapore, Gay & Lesbian Clubs in Germany, UK or Spain, Casinos in Germany. This Night out app provides you the complete information to make your night an unbeatable experience.

With a user-friendly design, BBH as a Nightlife app lets you easily explore all the Nightlife options at any location with respect to your preferences. With an option to mark your favorite nightlife destination, you can choose your preferred place anytime and anywhere.

The App also has many special features which you can see by visiting the app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.boomboomhunt&hl=en

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