iOS 11 and the AppShopper Social App

In late 2016, Apple began warning users that older apps could “slow down” an iPhone or iPad via a pop-up notice. Earlier this year, this warning became more severe, stating that older apps might not “work with future versions of iOS.” When revealing iOS 11 in June, it became clear that older 32-bit apps would not be supported at all, making some apps–including AppShopper Social–obsolete. Now that iOS 11 is available, you probably see this sad message when you try to open AppShopper Social:

I know what you’re thinking. Why don’t we just update it? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Apple changed its app approval guidelines a while ago and no longer accepts apps that duplicate App Store functionality. We tried to work with this and created AppShopper Social in 2013 (replacing our original AppShopper app for those of you who have been with us since 2010 when our first app was released) to focus on the social aspects of sharing app recommendations. But updates to AppShopper Social were eventually rejected and we were told there was no way around this.

Also, creating and updating apps is incredibly expensive. Yes, there are over a million apps in the App Store and you may be wondering how hard it can really be. But good apps that work well and look nice take expertise and time to make and update, and this kind of work is not cheap. Spending tens of thousands of dollars (yes, that much) to create a new AppShopper app knowing that it would almost definitely be rejected by Apple just doesn’t make any sense to do.

We appreciate that you’ve used and enjoyed AppShopper Social and we’re incredibly sad that it won’t work in iOS 11. We will continue to focus on making the AppShopper website better and better to use. You can still use our Wish List feature, and you can get email notifications when apps on your Wish List go on sale. We’ve made sure that looks great in a browser on your iPhone or iPad and you can add a shortcut to it on your device’s home screen by following these instructions (but starting from instead, of course).

(The app for our sister site, TouchArcade, has suffered the same fate and you can read more about it here.)


Paolo Marnini

I have used Appshoppr since 2010, checking my wish list almost everyday since then and hoping to see some “Price Drop”’d items. Thx for that and all the best

Robert Kazibutowski

It’s a pity that “technology” will force you to disappear your icon from my iPad. I always checked out and used your app more often than App Store when looking for an app. review. Even as you wrote “Apple changed its app approval guidelines a while ago and no longer accepts apps that duplicate App Store functionality.” I surely believe that you was not “duplicating functionality” you was doing much better job than App Store, just only with notifications about new apps, price reductions, etc. things that I have never received from App Store in such way.
Of course I will “move” to your WebPage and I will suggest to keep the same good work you were developing and your notifications could be sent through mails, to registered fellows.
Thank you very much for your excellent work.


I’ve had this app since I got the “first” iPad and used it frequently. It was a great app and it saved me plenty of $$.
Is it possible to still view my wishlist, or can I move it from the app to the website. I am hoping I don’t have to start the wishlist all over again.
Thanks for your help!


The main reason I have such a portfolio is due to you guys. The journey has been amazing and this should not have ended this way.

The website is ok but does not compare. Email notifications are slow and buried and quite frankly I don’t want them.

Notifications and badges were the key. Is there anything which can be done there?

Puttapong Tapaonoi

Don’t worry. You guys are too useful that my laziness can’t make me feel lazy to use web instead.


Thanks for letting us know.

You should probably add a link to this blog to the main landing page. I had to use google to find this article.

Unknown Stranger Alien

Damn. I just updated and didn’t realize I would lose it.
Yes I’m one of those “since 2010” users.
And I perfectly understand.
Well, desktop shortcut here we go but thanks for the good work you guys do every day to keep the site the goto for promos and discounts on the shit I want.

Farewell AppShopper Social and Bon Voyage little friend.

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