Currency Converter Banca Now Permanently Free (and Still Lovely)

The summer vacation season is still in full swing and if you’re taking your family abroad, doing some currency conversion on the fly is probably top of mind for you. While there’s no shortage of currency conversion apps available for the iPhone, Radiant Tap’s functional and lovely Banca recently went permanently free, which is the best price ever as I’ve said before, and is completely worthy of a place on your iPhone.

Banca’s main screen features two virtual ticker tape-style selectors at the top to choose the currencies for conversion along with a virtual number pad for data entry. By default, only a few currencies are available in these ticker tape selectors but more than 150 currencies can be added via the app’s settings (you can find a complete list here). Banca’s description states that all active (non-obsolete) currencies are available in the app and while I haven’t verified this independently, the more than 150 available should cover pretty much anywhere you plan to go.

Once you’ve edited the currency selectors to suit your needs, simply entering a price to convert using the virtual number pad will prompt the conversion output on the next line. This number pad also offers basic calculator functions to let you add up multiple prices easily. You can even switch currencies using the ticker tape selectors after you’ve entered a number or completed a calculation and the result will automatically update as different currencies are selected.

Banca will automatically download the most recent currency conversion rates each time it’s opened and you can also force an immediate update in the app’s settings.

Here’s a video of Banca in action:


Banca’s regular price peaked at $3.99 but it’s now free permanently according an update of a post on Radiant Tap’s blog earlier this month. If you’ve got any foreign travel planned in the near future, Banca should be on your iPhone.


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