Mint QuickView Personal Finance App Arrives for the Mac, the subsidiary of Intuit that offers online personal finance tools and services, has released an app for the Mac. Mint QuickView debuted in the Mac App Store last week and offers easy desktop access to your financial information.

If you’re not familiar with, it’s a service that will aggregate all of your financial data from multiple institutions, such as your checking account at your bank plus your 401(k) account through your employer and all of your credit card accounts. Once you’ve set up all of your accounts with, the service gives you incredibly useful summary information to give you a snapshot of your current net cash position, spending, and more. You can also dig deeper to see transactions for each account and set up a budget, which will automatically track for you.

Here’s a short video that shows’s features:


Mint QuickView lives in your Mac’s menu bar and provides three chart views of your financial information: spending, net income, and accounts. The spending view shows all of your spending in the current month across various categories in a handy donut chart. The net income view shows a bar chart of your income and expenditures for the current month while the accounts view shows an aggregated bar chart of your cash, investments, and any debt you may have.

A scrollable transactions list for all of your accounts combined is available in each view. Below this section are notifications from to alert you of significant transactions and provide financial advice based on your spending. In case you were wondering, this is how makes money. While the service is completely free to use, the company earns commissions from companies when you use their services. For example, if you follow through on a alert link to switch to a new auto insurance company, earns money for that referral. However, promises that recommendations are unbiased and those that stand to save you the most money will be presented before those that earn the company a referral fee.

The menu bar icon for Mint QuickView will show a number when you have unread alerts or new transactions, much like the notification badges shown on the icons of iOS apps. In the app’s settings, you can set a passcode to protect your information from prying eyes and choose whether or not the app’s icon remains in your Mac’s dock or lives solely in the menu bar.

Mint QuickView for the Mac is free and available in the Mac App Store now. It’s also retina display ready for those of you with Apple’s latest MacBook Pro model. also offers a universal iOS app for the iPhone and iPad to provide access to the service while you’re on the go.


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***Apple Mac App Store Best of 2012*** ***Apple Editors Choice July 2012*** ***NetBanker's OBR Best of the Web Award*** Mint QuickView is a companion app to that gives you an up-to-date...

If you’re like me, you may have an issue trusting a single online company with all of your financial data like this (you must log in to all of your financial accounts through so that the company can access your data to begin with). states that 128-bit SSL encryption is used when transmitting your data and its access is read-only, so no transactions can actually be carried out through boasts more than 7 million users and it’s been featured by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. I’ve been a user for a couple of years now and have had no problems with the service nor have any of my accounts been compromised during that time.

If you can get over this trust hump, I highly recommend In conjunction with Balance Forecasting on my iPhone to keep a close eye on my checking account and plan out future expenditures, provides an exceptionally easy way to keep an eye on my entire financial state from soup to nuts on my iOS devices and now on my Mac.

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