Bluetooth OnOff Brings 1-Step Bluetooth Control to iPhone and iPad

Turning Bluetooth on or off on an iPhone or iPad takes several steps, a process that can be a little frustrating for such a simple task. Though those who jailbreak their devices have an easily-accessible switch to accomplish this via utilities like SBSettings, non-jailbreakers have had to make do with the 4-step Settings/General/Bluetooth tap dance. At least until now with the release of Jung Disk’s Bluetooth OnOff app for the iPhone and iPad.

Bluetooth OnOff hit the App Store last night and is a messaging app that lets you send text messages via Bluetooth to others who also have the app. However, its description focuses on its ability to toggle Bluetooth on and off right within the app, avoiding the need to go to into Settings and dig down a few levels to accomplish this.

Additionally, the app offers an even quicker method to control Bluetooth, allowing you to toggle Bluetooth on and off by simply opening and closing the app. To do this, you need to go to the app’s settings panel in Settings and toggle the unlabeled switch there and then kill the app through the multitasking tray and relaunch it.

When this is enabled, the app won’t even stay open but simply toggles Bluetooth on and off each time it’s tapped. This kills its functionality as a messaging app but with a host of other, more functional messaging apps already available in the App Store, not to mention Apple’s own iMessage, I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here by saying this won’t disappoint many people at all given the app’s primary purpose to quickly control Bluetooth.

Bluetooth OnOff is a universal app that works on both the iPhone and iPad and it costs only $.99. If you’re a frequent Bluetooth toggler, you’ll want to check it out. However, as I understand it, this kind of direct control over Bluetooth is not technically allowed under Apple’s iOS development guidelines and I don’t expect this to last long in the App Store so you should get it before it’s gone.

UPDATE: Bluetooth OnOff is no longer available in the App Store. Apple removed it since it made use of private APIs that are off-limits to developers.



hi – i need the url schemes from “bluetooth onoff”
i need this for launch center


When can we have something like this for location services, which drain the iphone battery…!?

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