‘Siri Assistant’ App Removed from App Store, ‘Vlingo’ Goes Free Before iPhone 4S Release

Apple has removed the stand-alone Siri Assistant app from the App Store in preparation for the launch of the iPhone 4S, which will have Siri Assistant features integrated in iOS 5. The app, which debuted in the App Store in February 2010 prior to Apple’s acquisition of the company in April 2010, offered natural-language search features to provide users with movie times, restaurant reservations, and more.

Those who had downloaded the free app before it was removed from the App Store now see this screen when opening Siri Assistant:

Apple’s iPhone 4S, which was announced last week and will be available in the U.S. starting October 14, will utilize Siri technology to allow users to handle many tasks by voice alone. Apple has posted the following demo video showing how this feature works:

Vlingo, a company that develops a competing voice-centric personal assistant app for the iPhone and other smartphone platforms, has made full functionality within its own app free. Using Vlingo to create text messages and emails by voice used to cost $6.99 each, or $9.99 for both services when purchased at once, via in-app purchase.

Vlingo’s offerings aren’t as comprehensive as Siri Assistant in iOS 5 will be but it works on older iOS devices, unlike Siri Assistant in iOS 5 that will only work on the iPhone 4S.


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Looking for a voice activated virtual assistant on your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4? Look no further. In addition to search, messaging, voice dialing and directions, Vlingo integrates with your Facebook...



thank you for this information. I begged the Dragon Go developers to have this functionality in their app, but Vlingo might be exactly what I need.


Still showing as in-app purchases – so did this really go free or is it the ‘shell’ of the program free and then for the real functionaility you need to still pay the fees listed above in the article?

Marianne Schultz

@Bart – you have to get the latest update from the App Store to see this (version 2.1.0). This version enables all of the functionality within the app free of charge.


Thank you, Marianne, for the helpful tip. Sticking with my iPhone 4 so Siri wasn’t an option.


Vlingo is not very good by my estimate. I have had the Siri app for more than a year now and it works like a charm, lest the additional functionality added to the iPhone 4S. Too bad it is no longer available and judging by the pop up message that I received when launching the app, I believe they (Apple) plans on removing it from my 3GS with out my permission. I’ll see.

Marianne Schultz


The stand-alone Siri app has simply stopped working – it will no longer connect to the servers that recognize your commands and give you a response. The app itself will not be removed from your iPhone or your computer. Since it’s now useless, you may wish to remove it from your iPhone and computer yourself.


Well thank you for that video, but the thing is that I really need to jailbreak my iPod touch 8 gb 5.0.1., but I have
Been searching like thousands of videos on : hot tk jailbreak iPod touch & gb 5.0.1., but I can’t ring anything, because I rally really want to jailbreak it and I want to have Curia, and Siri. To. Bit I can’t do anything of hat be cause I can’t find any videos, so I really really really want HELP! Please!!..)


Vlingo is not ver good, I just feel like ummm Siri is a little bit more good than vlingo.

Leslee Schoonmaker

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