‘Google eBooks’ App Released for New Google eBookstore

Google officially launched its ebook store today, announcing the availability of over 3 million books, both paid and free, for users in the U.S. The new bookstore features both literary classics and recent bestsellers. Unlike Amazon and Barnes & Noble who both sell dedicated ereader devices specifically compatible with the respective ebook stores of each retailer, Google is providing a Web Reader and apps for Android and iOS devices to offer accessibility across a wide range of devices.

Ebooks purchased will be stored in the cloud and accessed with a user’s Google account log-in and password. Google is providing unlimited storage for ebooks obtained through its store.

Though Google has posted a link to the App Store to download the universal app for the iPhone and iPad, it is not currently available in all locations at the time of this post.

Google provides the following description for the app on an iPhone or iPod touch:

  • Stores up to 8,000 titles on average (based on 16GB model)
  • Recommended for iPhones with 256MB memory or above
  • Mobile eBookstore
  • Search within book
  • Adjust text size, typeface, line space, justification
  • Night-reading mode
  • Free samples of books
  • Information about book
  • Offline reading
  • Worry-free archive