Official AppShopper App Launches

Our official AppShopper App has finally made its way into the App Store. The Universal app is now available as a free download for both iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.

The app allows you to browse all our current AppShopper filters (Categories, All/Popular, Paid/Free, New/Price Drops/Updates) and also gives you access to your own personal Wish List and Own List. At present Price and Update notifications are still sent via email, but we do plan on offering Push notifications in the next update.

If you haven’t signed up for an AppShopper account, sign up now. It’s free. Registration allows you to track apps on your wishlist in order to get notified when an App goes on sale. Our combination of filters allows you to focus in on your specific interests. Example: all iPad games that have dropped to Free.

For more casual App browsers, our Popular filter offers a birds eye view of what Price Drops, Updates and New apps have attracted the attention of other AppShopper readers. Almost all major App Store releases and sales get captured by our Popular view.

Grab the App now. For feature requests and bug reports, please send them to [email protected].



Last Changed: 97 months ago
Rating: 4.00 (138)
Version: 1.4.4
iOS Universal

The official app from the creators of AppShopper keeps you up to date on the newest App Store apps, sales and freebies. Organize apps in your own customized Wish List...



Freaking orgasmic. I’ve been using the website all the time and now there’s the app.


THANK YOU! Love your website and this app is incredible! I have been wondering why you didn’t have your own app for quite some time, but it has been worth the wait. Beautiful app and all the functionality of the site! LOVE IT!


Great website, great app. Thank you!!

Feature request: Wish List “sorting” (similar to website, with the addition of being able to sort out iPad or iPhone only apps from list)

Fez Whatley

No way to view app ratings. I’ll stick with the website until the update, hopefully this is included.


Very nice Version 1.0, love the sorted by time, great for on the go, but…
Similar to the RSS feeds which keeps me notified of new, unread posts. Feature requests: Push notification that keeps track (via homescreen badge) of the apps (custom filters?) I have not viewed since last opening the app. Similar to a Twitter Client or RSS Reader.


This is really amazing. I just installed the app on my iPhone and iPad. Just amazing. Thanks 🙂


Yay thanks. Was waiting for this and it came sooner than i thought 🙂

Just a few improvements wishes:

– already seen apps or app changes should grey out like on twitter clients and so on
– ability to stay logged in even after some time would be nice

All other things work fine for me 🙂


Very very thanks. I love this site, and now I love this APP. Now it missing only the push notifications.

Dave Metzener

Love, love, love the app!!!! I use AppShopper *all the time* and having an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad for the site is just perfect!!!

I have a small suggestion though. Could you get star reviews in the app so that I can review the apps that I own?

Also, I would easily pay up to $4.99 if I could get rid of the ads in the iPhone app. I would like to sort my apps by star review so that I can find apps that I haven’t reviewed yet. (Thats how I use the website)

Otherwise, thank you soooo much for the app!!!


“a birds eye view” should be:
“a bird’s eye view”.

should be:
“I’m a huge jackazz”


This is great. I love using the site to check for “price changes to free”, and being able to do this right on the phone is awesome. Same goes for checking price history, which is my 2nd use for this great site, now right on the phone.

But the best part by far is the interface. Fast and responsive, looks good and works great. Seriously guys, congrats.


I just went looking for this a few days ago. Now it’s here! 🙂

Currently downloading but I notice US prices in the screenshots in iTunes and the Australian store has a comment that mentions that it’s in US prices. Is it possible to get it to show the local price? (presumably it’s not there right now but in an update would be fantastic.)

In most cases it’s not much of an issue (eg, US$0.99 = AU$1.99) but sometimes we seem to have wildly different prices. I’ve even seen some apps listed as free for a day but they never make it as free on the Aus store (or maybe for an hour or so and I missed it).


Unfortunately the app is not as useful as I hoped. It misses the following important features/info:
– No app ratings (major turn down, impossible to check quality at first glance)
– No number of comments (major turn down, impossible to check popularity at first glance)
– No in app purchases info at first glance (minor issue)

Until the first two issues are fixed the app is useless to me and I will continue to use the Safari page. Other than that I’d like to thank the team for offering all their great services for free.


It would be great to have local prices to avoid bad app reviews; as Malorion mentioned, there is one unappreciative person who rated the app 1 star due to the fact that apps were in USD.

Keep up the great work FAAD… I mean Appshopper!


Thanks for the app, but I’m puzzled that using the same settings for What’s New on the website and on the app do not result in the same list of apps? I’ve tried this several times now (using All Categories, Paid & Free, All Types, refreshed website and app, and the lists are always slightly to mostly different?


Great first version of the app! I’d love it if you are working on an updated app with ratings.

Dennis Vasko

Many thanks for this! I love and the app is very much appreciated and functional. However, I have the same observations and wishes as “Firedragon” who wrote:

It misses the following important features/info:
– No app ratings (major turn down, impossible to check quality at first glance)
– No number of comments (major turn down, impossible to check popularity at first glance)
– No in app purchases info at first glance (minor issue)

Again, many thanks for the App and I look forward to an update with features as above!

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