Universal Music Group Gets Apple to Remove Grooveshark from App Store

Wired reports that Grooveshark, an iPhone app that allowed users to access the online music streaming service of the same name, was removed from the App Store following a complaint made by Universal Music Group. The free app was released on August 5 and was removed from the store yesterday. Apple confirmed the removal to Wired:

As an IP holder ourselves, we understand the importance of protecting intellectual property,” said Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller. “Due to objections by rightsholders, the Grooveshark app has been removed until resolution is reached by both parties.

Grooveshark allows users to search for and stream just about any song or album, as well as upload their own music and create playlists. The service is free and ad-supported or a VIP subscription that costs $3 per month will remove all ads. Grooveshark apps are still available for other smartphone platforms, including Blackberry, Android, Palm, and Nokia devices and the service is accessible to anyone worldwide at Grooveshark.com and it is unclear why only the iPhone version of the app has been targeted so far.


Jim Vincent

I was surprised it passed approval in the first place and I’m not shocked by this at all. I wasn’t willing to pay the membership since I only have an iPod Touch, but I love listening to Grooveshark at work and home on my PC.

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