Friday’s Avalanche of Apps

At the end of last week we saw a massive number of App approvals on the iTunes App Store. This resulted in a over 1300 apps (of which over 300 were games) appearing in one day alone. We had heard Apple had had quite a back log of approvals, so hopefully, they have cleared the queue for now.

Number of Apps approved by day:


Number of Games approved by day:



Stephen Hey

Wow – scary figures especially when we relie so much on people discovering our apps and games (like Tumblebugs which went live last Friday). Good to read though, thanks Arn.

Stefan Diem

wow, that peak explains a lot… and I was so glad to receive the approval for LCD Games after waiting for 16 days or so; and I even thought Fri is a good day to appear in the store since people start to get into the weekend & fun mode. Thx to arn for the report!

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