10,000 iPhone Apps Now Available on App Store

For those keeping track, the App Store now officially has 10,000 apps that can be downloaded. This number is a harder number to track than you might expect. Apps are constantly being added and removed from the App Store. Removals aren’t necessarily all due to legal issues or the like. Frequently, developers pull apps for various reasons and reintroduce them later.

So, here are two notable app releases related to the milestone:

Adventoozle is the 10,000th app that is currently available for download. If you disregard the removed applications and just want to know what’s the 10,000th app introduced to the App Store (as found on AppShopper), that would be Checktubes.

Neither of these benchmarks are at all “official”. They simply represent the 10,000th apps we found here at AppShopper, and don’t reflect actual approval/acceptance order from Apple.

TapTapTap put together a mosaic (pictured above) to mark the occasion.


Russ Squire

It is amazing how fast applications can grow in an open source environment. It creates a multiplier effect that is so enormous it would not be surprizing to see applications more than double again in the next year.


and when will the app be available to download in Europe? so far (in Spain at least) it isn’t possible. sux

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