WSI Pilotbrief Optima Enterprise

WSI Pilotbrief Optima Enterprise

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Gain access to the aviation industry’s leading disruptive weather briefing available in your existing WSI Pilotbrief Optima account with this application. WSI Pilotbrief Optima, delivers the most relevant preflight briefing experience directly to your iPad. Wherever you are, you will be able to quickly create and file your flight plan, retrieve your weather briefing, and access enroute and approach plate charts.

WSI Pilotbrief Optima offers
-High definition weather layers, Radar, Satellite IR, VIL and EchoTop mosaics
-Route Specific Weather and NOTAM Briefings
-Global Optimized Flight Planning
-Global Enroute Hazards - proprietary forecasts by WSI forecasters
-ADS-B Weather and NOTAM data from Dual XGPS170 Receiver
-Real-time inFlight weather data through SiriusXM Aviation Receiver
-VFR Sections, IFR Enroute, and Approach plate charts
-Proprietary forecast radar showing how the radar will move in the next 24 hours

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What's New

• Added ability for map layers to be available in offline mode if previously viewed
• Streamlined the online and offline transition
• The maximum number of favorite airports has been increased from 10 to 50
• Added “Encode All – Decode All” toggle to route weather briefing
• Digital Flight Release (DFR) functionality including:
o Select a flight number and view the flight route on the map
o Automatic DFR population based on pilot flight schedule with crew schedule
data integration
o Browse the DFR in an easy to use viewer that supports expanding / collapsing
different sections
o Retrieve and/or request an updated DFR
o Enter a digital signature
o Acknowledge fit for duty
o Save the digital flight release to the iPad for offline viewing o WSI archive of all DFRs for 92 days
• Bug fix highlights:
o Fixed a crash when resuming downloads of approach plates
o Searching for nearby airport in the Airports tab now functions correctly in all
modes as long as GPS data is available
o Favoriting an airport or chart will now properly reflect in the Download
o Improved startup time especially in slow network

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