WSI Pilotbrief Optima Enterprise

WSI Pilotbrief Optima Enterprise

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Gain access to the aviation industry’s leading disruptive weather briefing available in your existing WSI Pilotbrief Optima account with this application. WSI Pilotbrief Optima, delivers the most relevant preflight briefing experience directly to your iPad. Wherever you are, you will be able to quickly create and file your flight plan, retrieve your weather briefing, and access enroute and approach plate charts.

WSI Pilotbrief Optima offers
-High definition weather layers, Radar, Satellite IR, VIL and EchoTop mosaics
-Route Specific Weather and NOTAM Briefings
-Global Optimized Flight Planning
-Global Enroute Hazards - proprietary forecasts by WSI forecasters
-ADS-B Weather and NOTAM data from Dual XGPS170 Receiver
-Real-time inFlight weather data through SiriusXM Aviation Receiver
-VFR Sections, IFR Enroute, and Approach plate charts
-Proprietary forecast radar showing how the radar will move in the next 24 hours

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What's New

• Enhancing the Connected Cockpit by
o Increasing resiliency, reliability and stability for Digital Flight Release (DFR) features
o Supporting SiriusXM’s AR1 firmware v12 with auto-launch option
* Please pair responsibly. Don’t pair in the air. Only pair on the ground.
• Pilotbrief looks better and runs faster. Now, there are dozens of usability and performance fixes and enhancements.
• Better weather: This version contains a new layer for Forecast Echo Tops and Ocean Tracks
• New interactive toolbar makes it easier to find, use the most popular Pilotbrief features
• Calculate distance and bearing using current position, selected position, NAVAIDs, routes and more
• When using route coordinates, Pilotbrief now supports Seconds (e.g., DD MM SS N/S / DDD MM SS W/E). Example: 435201N/0844501W
• Improved data persistence across pages and connection modes for airport weather and favorite stations
• Support for iOS9 (and deprecated support for iOS7)
• We squashed dozens of bugs. Most bothersome solved bugs include (for complete list, see Release Notes):
• Lat/Long layer selection no longer causes Pilotbrief Optima™ to shut down
• Download Manager now pops up on downloading Route Briefing - it provides feedback (status of the download state) that warns you from quitting the app before a download is complete.
• Aeronautical charts no longer stall at 95% when updating
• Duplicate saved routes no longer appear in route lists

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