WSI Pilotbrief Optima

WSI Pilotbrief Optima

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On the ground or in the air, WSI Pilotbrief Optima is your co-pilot in the cockpit. Fly safely, confidently and comfortably with the latest and most accurate weather at your fingertips.

From any location, quickly create or select a flight route, retrieve a weather briefing, access enroute and approach plate charts and modify the route during flight. Using an iPad, gain access to the aviation industry’s leading weather briefing product.

WSI Pilotbrief Optima, delivers the most relevant preflight and inflight briefing experience directly to your iPad by improving:

Pre-Flight Planning
Vertical Profile with observed and forecasted turbulence
Real-time weather and updated forecasts for adjusted ETDs
Route Specific Weather and NOTAM Briefings

Safety & Comfort
High definition Global weather layers, Radar, Satellite IR, VIL and Echo Top mosaics
Proprietary forecast radar showing how the radar will move in the next 24 hours
Global Enroute Hazards - proprietary forecasts by WSI forecasters

Connections & Operations
- Multi-pilot collaboration tools for streamlined operations in EFBs and EFFs (Electronic Flight Bag and Electronic Flight Folder, respectively)
- Offline mode to conserve bandwidth and data consumption
- Provisions to reduce data usage when in-flight

- Compliance with Corporate, Industry and Government Regulations
- CONUS VFR Sections, IFR Enroute, and Approach plate charts
- Real-time inFlight weather data through SiriusXM Aviation Receiver
- Digital Flight Release & Navigation Log capabilities for Business & Commercial Aviation

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What's New

1. Vertical Profile - View cross-section of observed and forecast turbulence data along a route, based on FLs, approximate time at points, distance and positions
2. Multiple Alternate Airports - Add as many alternates, tag them and get them in your route briefing
3. User-controlled Map Data Downloads - Control bandwidth usage by limiting how much
4. Lat/Lon search on Interactive Map - Search for coordinates directly on the interactive map, add them to your route or to the map
5. Offline maps - View black and white maps when in offline mode
6. Usability & Design Enhancements
7. Updates for better performance during unreliable connectivity

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