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CommuteWX provides real-time weather information (current, forecast, enroute) compatible with most app enabled car stereo devices.

Weather conditions are featured in large, easy to read graphics in a streamlined user interface that's well suited for in-vehicle travel. Users will be provided real-time current and forecasted weather data (based on GPS location).

* Large, easy to read graphics and text for optimal viewing
* Current weather includes temperature, sky condition, wind direction and speed, chance of precipitation and more.
* Forecast Weather: CommuteWX provides forecasted weather Information for the current location via text and graphical output. Text Information includes weather for the present day, as well as for the next day; a 5-day forecast is also presented displaying predominate weather and high/low temperatures.
* Intuitive Settings: Users have the option of selecting their preferred unit of measurement (US Customary or Metric) and rate of refresh for the weather reports.
* Destination Weather: CommuteWX provides forecasted weather information for your favorite locations.
* Weather Radar: Real-time location-based weather radar loop (based on GPS) and cumulative radar data from reporting weather stations.

We rely heavily on user feedback and are constantly striving to make sure you get the most for your purchase! Please visit and let us know!

What's New

There's a lot to be excited about in this new version of CommuteWX and we're glad we could address a lot of the issues your feedback has provided us.

- We've updated the weather radar loop and the errant location of the mapping in order to eliminate the pan/zoom required to find your current location.
- We've updated the app for the latest version of iOS to run faster and be more responsive.
- We've brought back the keyboard! For users with select devices, the onscreen keyboard has been brought back for use with your Advanced App Mode devices.
- We've also set lots of traps for bugs and injected the app with some high octane for speed!

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