Unit Converter! HD

Unit Converter! HD

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*** Currently, this app is having issues with the iOS 7 update. We are working on the fix now. Thanks for your patience! ***

*****Featured in "What's Hot" in ITunes France*****

Quick and simple to use! Search for the conversion alphabetically, type in the value and hit the button. That's it!

We chose to organize the conversion factors alphabetically. So, there's no thinking required to figure out what category the conversion you need belongs to. This made finding the conversion you need much faster!

This converter always displays the conversion factor on the screen so it's very clear what is happening when you hit the button. Often we need to know the factor for other things so now it's right there for you to see.

Even though this application was made for ease of use it includes over 1000 conversions, several of which would only be used by engineers and scientists. We included the scientific notation for these users.

You won't find another unit converter in the app store like this!

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