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Time Converter Two Zone (for iPad)

Time Converter Two Zone (for iPad)

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The Time Converter provides an easy and accurate conversion of times between two cities in the world taking into consideration the DST (Day Light Saving) rules at each city. 

Ever wondered ...

* What the local time would be in say, San Jose, CA or Sydney, Australia when it is 10 pm at your place?

* If you call a friend in Chicago, USA or Madrid, Spain tomorrow at 6 am your local time, will it be an odd time for your friend to receive the call?

or Want to know ...

* When a Wimbledon tournament at London scheduled for mm/dd/yyyy; hh:mm will be telecast on your local television? 

* When a corporate virtual conference scheduled at US pacific time on mm/dd/yyyy, hh:mm will be open for you to join via the web?

or A more aggressive question ...

* If it is 11:45 am in New York, what time is it in Tokyo?

* if it is 3 pm in Cairo what time is it in Kathmandu? 

Time Converter provides a quick answer to these queries. The time is displayed in both Analog and Digital formats along with the day, date and zone information.

All time computations are done with great precision taking into consideration DST rules at both cities. The app has been thoroughly tested even for the conditions during which the DST transitions are taking place. During the time when the DST is applied, the app will automatically advance the clock by one hour if you try to set the time that does not exist in the concerned city's calendar. For example, trying to set Chicago clock to 2:15 am on 14th March 2010 will set the clock to 3:15 am. Likewise, when the DST ends, the clocks lose one hour. When you set the time in this range, its effect on the other city's time depends on whether the first city is in DST or not. This is clearly indicated by a message displayed next to the clock.

As interesting test cases, try time conversion between Chicago and New York on March 14, 2010 at 2 am when the clocks change hands. Also, try Nov 7, 2010 at 2 am for both these cities when the clocks change. The time converter is perpetual and will automatically follow the DST rules in future.

When you use this time converter, you will never need to refer to Internet or any other app for converting time between two cities in the world.

Important Note: Time computations are usually complex because of different DST rules applied in this world. If you are not able to interpret the time conversion results produced by the app, do write to us at and we will gladly provide the explanation.

The app has been thoroughly tested and found to provide accurate conversions for all dates and times. The publisher and the developer shall nevertheless be liable for any damage arising from any inaccuracies or omissions in this app.

What's new

A minor bug fix - The first time run of the app now picks up the current system time for the first zone.


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