myTifi remote for Samsung TV

myTifi remote for Samsung TV

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NOTE: The current version contains an issue. See 'What's new' for details.
Version 4 is almost ready; it will support the 2014 and 2015 Samsung TVs!
Try myTifi and you will be amazed. It's downloaded by over 3 million of users:

flatblack57: "Couldn't be happier! Absolutely amazing app. Performs perfectly."

Geepee1952: "It just simply works. It finds the TV quickly every time and has been 100% reliable. Much much better than the Samsung app."

Dudeman0990: "Great app! Works much more quickly than factory remote and lets me use the keyboard on my smart tv so I dont have to scroll thru letters when navigating my tv. Thanks!

Remote control your Samsung Smart TV by Wifi with myTifi.

myTifi uses the revolutionary Smart Control; one screen to control all basic functions of your TV:
- swipe gestures to change the volume and channel
- 240 configurable buttons with the logo of your network; just press a logo and your TV goes to the matching channel (e.g. 28) directly! This even works with digital media boxes via the IR extender on the F-Series TV.
- Directly switch to a source (like HDMI-1) with customizable buttons (like "DVD Player")
- double tap to mute
- Auto-Mute; on an incoming or accepted phone call, the Mute command is send to suppress the audio. When the call is finished it is send again to restore the audio.
- Auto Zap; let myTifi cycle through your favourite channels, to search for an interesting broadcast or populate your EPG quickly.
- iCloud; backup and share all your data between your devices:
* your User Settings
* your Smart Channel configuration and network logos
* the In-App Purchase for the Upgrade to Full Version

The Internet screen gives you a convenient way of sending text to your TV by using the iPhone keyboard. For example to enter an address in the Internet Browser.

All functions of myTifi can be tested without a TV, by activating Demo Mode.

Besides the C, D, E(S/H) and F-Series, myTifi also supports the popular B-Series with Internet@TV from model year 2009*.

Supported TV Models
- Samsung F-Series TV released in 2013 with AllShare/Smart TV feature
- Samsung E(S/H)-Series TV released in 2012 with AllShare/Smart TV feature
- Samsung D-Series TV released in 2011 with AllShare/Smart TV feature
- Samsung C-Series TV released in 2010 with Internet@TV feature‚Ä®
- Samsung B-Series TV released in 2009 with Internet@TV feature + SamyGo Remote LAN Control application*
IMPORTANT: The H-Series from 2014 and J-Series from 2015 are not yet supported.

During the first 20 start-ups (including resumes from the background) myTifi will behave as the full version, so you can test all features for free.
After the trial period, the standard version will apply with the following limitations:
- no Smart Source on the 'Standard' tab
- the 'Smart' tab is disabled
- the 'Internet' tab is disabled
- in-app advertisement is shown

You can easily upgrade to the full version to unlock these limitations. All your personal data will be maintained during the upgrade.

iMKapps and myTifi are not related in any way to Samsung Electronics. Even if the described approach is not very dangerous because the TV resets to its initial state after a restart, iMKapps is not responsible for any damages on your TV as a result of using myTifi.

* B-Series firmware dependant and only in combination with the free SamyGo Remote LAN Control application on your TV.

What's New

ISSUE: myTifi keeps searching for TV
This issue only applies when you have configured to use a fixed IP address in the Settings.
When this IP address doesn't respond while connecting, myTifi doesn't stop the search.
Possible causes: the TV is switched off, or has a different IP address than you configured in myTifi.

1) Force quit myTif (Double-click the Home button, swipe horizontally to select myTifi and swipe myTifi vertically out of the screen.)
2) Ensure to switch on your TV before launching myTifi again.

If this doesn't work, try the work-around, or wait until an update is available in the App Store.
IMPORTANT: This work-around might results in loss of your settings and Smart channel logos if you don't use iCloud for myTifi.
1) Uninstall myTifi from your device
2) Re-install myTifi from the App Store
3) Launch myTifi
4) IMPORTANT: When the pop up appears with Information, tap the button "DEMO MODE" (not Search TV).
5) Press OK to confirm
6) Select the tab Info
7) Select Settings
8) Select "Manual Connection & VPN" at section "General"
9) Ensure to deselect the option "Use fixed IP"
10) Press Back, followed by Done.

myTifi is now configured to use the automatic detection algorithm, which will show a proper message if no devices can be found.

We are working on an update that will solve this issue.

New in this version:
- We are preparing support for the Samsung H-Series and J-Series.
- We fixed an issue where the advertisement was shown over the keyboard layout.
- We improved the TV detection algorithm.

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