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ShoppingList & Tips, is created to facilitate many tasks in all the shopping, as fast as possible without too many turns.
The main functions of the app are:
- Storage of products and description.
Just open the app, you'll find yourself on the first screen with an upper bar (options) and a bottom bar (menu). In the top bar there are three different commands: Send complete and a positive sign (+).
Tapping the plus sign you can see that you open a section that will in turn two fields, Product Name and Description (optional).
Once written the name of the product, to complement and add to the list you simply tap the Add button on the top bar.
- Effect checkbox.
Thanks to the effect we can check whether the product we've got him or not yet, just touching the line of the product that interests us. To remove the tick just touch the product.
- Easy delete of the product.
Just put your finger on the name of the product and slide to the right if the act has been successful will appear on the same line a Delete button in red. Clicking on the button, the product will finally disappear from your list.
- Personal dictionary
You can view all your products already included in the blue button in the Product Name field, not having to rewrite every time.
To delete a product from the dictionary, you must delete it from every part of the app (List and Summary).
- Sending e-mail list
Once inserted at least one product in your list. You will notice that the Send button on the top bar, is enabled. This feature allows you to send your list to those who want, for example, your child is lazy, friend or family member. Your list will arrives on his mailbox, so without the use of paper will go to the grocery store or other store, on your behalf to buy products knowing that you have specified.
- Complete List
In the top bar, the button Complete, it is enabled only when you have checked all the products.
This feature allows you to assign a name to the list, and wishing for your optional data contents, which are the second menu. The last two options, although optional, are very useful for the organization of dinners, barbecues or events. The two fields are: Total and number of people. Indicating the total expenditure as 145.30, and writing the number of people as 10, in the interim we will calculate the total per person, payable. In this example we would be: $ 14.53 per person.
You can choose the currency of the settings of the app, you will find going to the settings of your device by scrolling down, then select the name ShoppingList & Tips.

The third menu, the Tips are aids to create shopping lists. There are currently no available, because in the process of finishing graphics. An update will be released soon that will cover tips for aid to buy / cook / prepare products with fixed fields that are based on optimal rules for their organization. Essential to avoid mistakes!

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