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Resurfer Lite

Resurfer Lite

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Resurfer Lite is a tiny add-on utility for Safari that allows you to open a list of multiple URLs by a single Copy & Paste.

Unfortunately, even with iPhone OS 3.0 you can only Copy & Paste a single URL at a time. Resurfer Lite constructs a bookmarklet (URL-described script program) from URLs in the copied text, that allows you to paste multiple URLs into Safari and open them at once. You don't have to repeat copy-quit-launch-paste-open (stupidly!) to browse the whole URL list.


- First, copy a text contains URL list in any application capable of Copy & Paste.

- Next, launch Resurfer Lite. Then the application constructs a bookmarklet, stores it in the pasteboard, and transfers to Safari automatically.

- When Safari launched, replace dummy URL (http://localhost) with the bookmarklet by applying Select All and Paste to the contents of the address bar.
*Ignore an error message that will disappear in a moment.

- Finally, press [Go] at the keyboard.

Then the bookmarklet automatically opens the URLs in new page flames for each. You can freely browse the opened pages with the page-switching button at bottom-right.


By default, the maximum URLs to open at once are limited to 8. The exceeding items will be ignored. The limit can be changed at Resurfer Lite pane in Settings application. You can set the maximum number up to 32 but setting more than 8 is not recommended. Some overflowed pages may be disposed indefinitely. Also, opening a lot of URLs at once could sometimes bring a crash or other problems into Safari.

Generally, URLs in the copied text should start with "http://" or so and be delimited by return or spaces, but other formats maybe acceptable. Non-URL strings such as titles or comments will be ignored, so that you can copy the whole text to extract URLs from it.

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