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Legal disclaimer: This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true phone phreaking functionality. Please obey the law.

☆☆☆☆☆ Get ready to “phreak” like it's the 1980's! (Or, early 1990's.)
Remember when payphones were the only way to stay in touch? Remember walking around with a laptop and an acoustic coupler? Remember wardialing? — Stop carrying around that tape recorder! This App makes all of the sounds you’d need to make free long-distance calls 30 years ago.

+ Red box tone (insert $1 USD worth of 25¢ quarters)
+ Blue box tone (2600hz frequency for free long-distance)
+ Green box tone (Coin return on payphones on the opposite end of the call)
+ Touch-tone DTMF dialpad to dial external lines with your iPhone speaker, including A/B/C/D menu tones
+ Modem “nuke” button

Also includes bundled iPhone ringtones (of various ‘box’ tones and modem sounds) for installation to your iOS device! Great for notification sounds & alerts. Supports iOS 4, 5, 6+ on all iPhone/iPad/iPod touch models. — Access these *.M4R files through the “iTunes File Sharing” feature on your computer, located inside your device’s “Apps” settings in iTunes.

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