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Nanosec: Advanced Alarm+

Nanosec: Advanced Alarm+

iOS Universal Utilities

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Nanosec lets you customize the way you wake up. Its unique interface and setting of watches, gentle pre-alarm mode, local notifications, fade-ins and other features, combine to give you a powerful multi-reminder too.

What a groovy app! by Chilled35-*****
I've looked at several clock apps for my iPhone, this app is by far the most elegant to look at when it's running. I very much like the idea of the pre-alarm, where you can program how long the pre-alarm goes off for before the main alarm kicks in!

Nice Work by Elliot2801-*****
I really like this app, Brilliantly designed, great features, props to the developers

Fab little app! by Nuttynud-*****
I love it! The analogue clock dial looks great and I can *finally* use my own music on my iPhone to wake up to in the mornings:)

...and more

Tomorrow is a big day for you, so you’re going to bed early. You just can’t be late in the morning! To make sure you get up on time, you count on your trusty Nanosec app. It’s never let you down, so you know it’s safe to get some rest. Nanosec will wake you up.

Since the morning is so important, you decide that you’d better go with a rapid awakening. Tap, tap, you’re done. Confident that the app will do its job, as always, you drift off and get a good night’s sleep, free from the worry of oversleeping.

If you have Nanosec on your iDevice, you have a reliable, customizable alarm system. The app is super easy to use, it takes only four quick steps to have it work exactly the way you want it to. You get to select not only the time and date that you wake up, but also the sound, number of snoozes, 24 hour military or conventional 12 hour timing, the background and much more!

You will absolutely love the pre-alarm function in this app. Pick from more than nine specially designed sounds to help you start surfacing from sleep before the alarm goes off. This mode is gentle and effective. It may help you get out of bed ‘on the right side’ every morning.

Make Nanosec personal by adjusting the settings to behave and look the way you want it to. Do you like Elegant or Future, portrait or landscape, vibration, music or ringtone? Perhaps a dimmer screen is your style. Go ahead, have fun and make it perfect.

While you’re at it, try changing the time on the clock. How, you ask? Simple, using your finger, just push the clock hands to where you want them. Everything about Nanosec is easy, unique and interesting.

Nanosec is more than just the world’s coolest clock, though. This app is a powerful multi-tool. Use it to issue you reminders about important meetings, events and occasions. You’ll win some big smiles by never forgetting a birthday or anniversary again.

You can select any date, even have it repeat so you only have to set it up once. This is a great, convenient feature for remembering to pay monthly bills, or set it to the same time every day to remind you to take your medication. You only have to tell the application to make it a daily, weekly, or monthly reminder and it’ll care of it. You can relax and go about your day, knowing that Nanosec won’t let you miss a pill dose or payment.

Check out SOME of the incredible features you get in Nanosec:

* Totally customizable settings
* Pre-alarm mode helps you start to wake before the main alarm goes
* Fade-in awaken
* Set snooze from 1 – 60 minutes
* Set multiple alarms and name them, so they’re ready to go
* Put all alarms into sleep mode at once
* Ability to enable, shut down or delete alarms
* Adjust screen brightness
* Select your favorite backgrounds
* Provides perfect awakenings and a powerful reminder tool

Sweet dreams.
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-iPhone 5,6 and 6 plus support
-fixed compatibility issue for iOS 8
-fixed rotation issue on iPad

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