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MultiCamPlus Milwaukee

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Traffic web cams for commuters in Milwaukee, WI
Ready to head home and you want to check the traffic? MultiCam is the fastest way to get to the traffic web cams that matter to you. Instead of browsing to a web site and working your way through the menus and map graphics to find a web camera just open MultiCam on your iPhone and go straight to the camera you want with one click. Flick through the other cameras along your route, in order, with a simple Next button.

Should I stay or should I go?
The traffic is slowing to a crawl. Is it going to clear quickly or is it time to bail and find a better route? Open MultiCam, select the nearest camera with one click and then flick through the web cams along your route to see how far the congestion continues.

Touch the Favorite button on any camera page to copy the cameras that matter to you to your Favorites list for faster access. Switch quickly from Show All to Favorites mode. In Favorites Mode the Previous and Next buttons follow the Favorites list.

MultiCam is a webpage viewer. It can display almost any web page. MultiCam Milwaukee comes pre-loaded with 73 traffic cameras. Cameras are maintained by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Individual cameras may be inoperative due to weather conditions or maintenance requirements.


Thank you for your interest, support and suggestions. We really do appreciate your help in making MultiCam better.

What's new in MultiCam 4.3

Location maps. In MultiCamPlus only.
Touch the map button below the picture view the MDOT map showing the camera location.

Camera sequence. The cameras are now listed in 9 groups to make it easier to folow a route.
Updated for iPhone OS 3.0
Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
New improved editing interface
Restyled appearance

If you have previously purchased MultiCam 4.3 or updated from an earlier version you can upgrade it to MultiCamPlus by clicking the button on the About screen.

The upgrade price is the difference in price between MultiCam (Price Tier 1) and MultiCamPlus (Price Tier 2).

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What's New

8.10 Fixed problem with displaying maps. I apologize for missing this in the previous update

8.03 Fixed camera links that were broken by changes in WisDOT's server. All links now working again. Big thanks to Statewide Traffic Operations Centre for help and advice.

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