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MultiCam Philadelphia

MultiCam Philadelphia

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The Philadelphia Inquirer - Rating: "An absolute necessity for a regular commuter, helpful to anyone who drives Philly's major roadways."
Traffic web cams for commuters in Philadelphia, PA. Ready to head home and you want to check the traffic? MultiCam is the fastest way to get to the traffic web cams that matter to you. Instead of browsing to a web site and working your way through the menus and map graphics to find a web camera just open MultiCam on your iPhone and go straight to the camera you want with one click. Flick through the other cameras along your route, in order, with a simple Next button.

Should I stay or should I go?
The traffic is slowing to a crawl. Is it going to clear quickly or is it time to bail and find a better route? Open MultiCam, select the nearest camera with one click and then flick through the web cams along your route to see how far the congestion continues.

Touch the Favorite button on any camera page to copy the traffic cameras that matter to you to your Favorites list for faster access. Switch quickly from Show All to Favorites mode. In Favorites Mode the Previous and Next buttons follow the Favorites list.

MultiCam is a webpage viewer. It comes pre-loaded with 322 traffic cameras in Pennsylvania including I-76, I-95, I-476, Route 422 and Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Cameras are maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. Individual cameras may be inoperative due to weather conditions or maintenance requirements.


Thank you for your interest, support and suggestions. We really do appreciate your help in making MultiCam better.

As a direct result of comments on this and other MultiCam pages we have implemented the following upgrades since version 1.

Favorites list. Select the cameras you care about and make your own list.

Show / Hide specific highways by means of a disclosure triangle.
20 more cameras, including I-676 and parts of I-76 and I-95

90 cameras added. 19 along I-76 and 71 more covering PA 100, PA 291, PA 309, US 1, US 30, US 63, US 202, US 422 and Platt Bridge

Drag and drop re-ordering.
Favorites list shows Highway names
If you have a Favorites list MultiCam will automatically open in Favorites mode.

7 more cameras added to I-95
Favorites list preserved when updating

All camera links updated with information supplied by PennDOT

2 more cameras on the Philadelphia Turnpike, Northeastern Region
Philadelphia Turnpike cameras now marked on the map (MultiCamPlus)

Updated for new server. All links revised to resolve server access issue.
iOS 7 appearance update

What's new

Version 7.78
Minor changes for iOS 7

Version 7.77
Updated for new server. All links revised to resolve server access issue.
iOS 7 appearance update

Compatible with Launch Center Pro - use URL trafficcamphiladelphia:/

Use In App Purchasing to add a Location Map. The About page has an UPGRADE button which adds a Camera Location Map to MultiCam Philadelphia. After Upgrading MultiCam Philadelphia will have exactly the same functionality as MultiCamPlus Philadelphia.


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MultiCam Philadelphia 3.50 out of 5 based on 139 ratings.