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Highway road condition cameras for drivers in British Columbia, Canada. Ready to head out and you want to check the road conditions? MultiCam is the fastest way to get to the highway web cams that matter to you. Instead of browsing to a web site and working your way through the menus and map graphics to find a web camera just open MultiCam on your iPhone and go straight to the camera you want with one click. Flick through the other cameras along your route, in order, with a simple Next button.

Touch the Favorite button on any camera page to copy the traffic cameras that matter to you to your Favorites list for faster access. Switch quickly from Show All to Favorites mode. In Favorites Mode the Previous and Next buttons follow the Favorites list.

MultiCam BC Highway comes pre-loaded with 719 traffic cameras in 61 highway groups

BC HighwayCam provided by Capliano Highway Services in co-operation with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.
Individual cameras may be inoperative due to weather conditions or maintenance requirements.

In-App Purchases

BC Highway Maps - Add location maps for all cameras
Purchasing this Upgrade Package adds a scrollable map with pins to select individual cameras. Each camera page links to a zoomed location map.
This is a single purchase for CAD $ 1.39 or equivalent

BC Weather Conditions - Weather Conditions Upgrade
Upgrade camera pages to display current weather and road conditions where available. Currently this covers 61 cameras, generally at higher altitudes.
This is a single purchase for CAD $ 1.39 or equivalent

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What's New

FINAL UPDATE. This is the last time MultiCam BC Highway will be updated. Under Apple's revised guidlines developers may not have two or more apps with the same appearance and functionality, differing only by content. In practice this means that I must consolidate multiple region-based traffic camera apps into a single app.

REPLACEMENT. The camera network covered by MultiCam BC Highway is now included in a new app named DOT Traffic. Select BC Highway from DOT Traffic's setup page once and the app will provide the same functionality as MultiCam BC Highway. DOT Traffic will continue to be updated. Unfortunately there is no mechanism to transition App Store ownership of MultiCam BC Highway to DOT Traffic.

Version 8.59. New Cameras, including four in Taylor on Highway 97. Improved map location for nineteen cameras
This is the sixth update under the subscription system
New Cameras:
Northern Region - Highway 16
Hwy 16 at Toronto St - North
Savory Rest Area - E
Stella Rd - North
Stella Rd - West
Stella Rd - East
Fort St. James - North
Fort St. James - S
Stuart Lake Highway - N
Stuart Lake Highway - S

Highway 97
Taylor - North
Taylor - West
Taylor - East
Taylor - South

Southern Interior - Highway 1 - Trans Canada Highway
Three Valley Gap - West

Version 8.58. Fix for Vancouver Island camera map. A code restriction in earlier versions limited the number of cameras that could be placed on a map. This particularly affected some Vancouver Island cameras. (Thank you Sandy for reporting)

Version 8.57. This is the fourth update under the subscription system. It is recommended for all users.

Highway 5 Coquihalla (Southern Interior)
Coquihalla Lakes - S
Coquihalla Great Bear Snowshed - S

Highway 15 (at Hwy 10, Surrey)
Hwy 15 at Hwy 10 - E

Highway 17 (Delta)
Hwy 17 at 80th St - N

Highway 99 (Sea-to-Sky Highway)
Alice Lake - S

Highway 1 (Vancouver Island)
Bamberton - S
Hwy 1 at West Shore Pkwy northbound
West Shore Parkway
Hwy 1 at West Shore Pkwy southbound

For subscribers this update installs a new database with 9 new or revised cameras. Some camera locations have been adjusted

Version 8.54 was the third update under the subscription system.

For subscribers this update installed a new database with 24 more cameras
Highway 16 (Northern Region)
Hungry Hill North
BC-Alberta Border

Highway 3 (Southern Interior)
Meadows Jct

Highway 1 (Ironworker's Memorial Bridge to Port Mann)
Cross Creek
Hadden Drive ramp West
Hadden Drive ramp East

Highway 1 (Fraser Valley)
Evans Road North
Evans Road West
Evans Road South

Highway 11 (Abbotsford Mission Hwy)
Hwy 15 at Hwy 10 - W

Highway 91A (New Westminster / Queensborough)
Hwy 91 East-West Connector - W

Highway 91 (East-West Connector)
Alex Fraser Bridge Southbound
Annacis Channel Bridge Approach
Annacis Island - North
Annacis Island - West
Annacis Island - East
Annacis Island - South

Highway 99 (Sea-to-Sky Highway)
Lions Bay - N
Lions Bay - S

Highway 1 (Vancouver Island)
Butterfield Rd - S
Bamberton - N

Highway 14 (Vancouver Island)
Hwy 14 at Kangaroo Rd - W
Hwy 14 at Kangaroo Rd - E
Hwy 14 at Kangaroo Rd - S

Version 8.52 update installed a new database with 21 more cameras on Highway 3, 5, 16 and 97
Highway 16 (Northern Region)
Telkwa (4)
Burns Lake (3)
Nautly Rd (3)
Hwy 16 at Hwy 27 (3)
Highway 97 (Northern Region)
Sikanni Chief
Big Bam Rd
Highway 3 (Southern Interior)
Midway (3)
Highway 5 Coquihalla (Southern Interior)
Coquihalla Summit (2)

Version 8.50 Introduced an optional annual camera network update subscription.
Subscribers will benefit from periodic extensions to the Drive BC camera network in this and future updates.
Non-subscribers will continue to receive any bug fixes and improvements.
Updates received during the subscription period will continue even if the subscription is not renewed.

Changes in this version for subscribers:
More cameras! One hundred and fourteen new cameras added, taking the total to 659

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