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MultiCam BC Highway

MultiCam BC Highway

       iOS Universal

Road web cameras for drivers in British Columbia, Canada. Ready to head out and you want to check the road conditions? MultiCam is the fastest way to get to the highway web cams that matter to you. Instead of browsing to a web site and working your way through the menus and map graphics to find a web camera just open MultiCam on your iPhone and go straight to the camera you want with one click. Flick through the other cameras along your route, in order, with a simple Next button.

Touch the Favorite button on any camera page to copy the traffic cameras that matter to you to your Favorites list for faster access. Switch quickly from Show All to Favorites mode. In Favorites Mode the Previous and Next buttons follow the Favorites list.

MultiCam BC Highway comes pre-loaded with 408 traffic cameras in 61 highway groups

BC HighwayCam provided by Capliano Highway Services in co-operation with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.
Individual cameras may be inoperative due to weather conditions or maintenance requirements.


Thank you for your interest, support and suggestions. We really do appreciate your help in making MultiCam better.

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*** NOTE to new purchasers - iOS 7 ****
If you are running iOS 7 or later do not buy this app!
Please consider instead our app 'BC Highway Traffic Cam +Map'. It has the same content as MultiCamPlus BC Highway but has been updated to match the new iOS 7 appearance.

BC Highway Traffic Cam +Map is iOS 7 only. This will allow more iOS 7 improvements in future.

MultiCam BC Highway runs on iOS 7 just as it does on iOS 4.3 - iOS 6.1

What's new

Corrects a fault in the last two versions that did not preserve Favorites settings when updating.
Appearance updated for iOS 7

Version 7.37 Nine More Cameras

Highway 16 (Northern Region)
Priestly Hill

Highway 1 (Fraser Valley)
Chilliwack Lake - corrected description and map location
(thank you Michael O)

Highway 17 (Vancouver Island)
Saanich Road junctions - 8 cameras

Version 7.36 Twelve new Cameras

Highway 5 (Northern Region)

Highway 97 (Northern Region)

Highway 5 Coquihalla (Southern Interior)
Clearwater - North
Clearwater - South
Little Fort

Highway 20 (Southern Interior)

Highway 7 (Lougheed Highway)
Mission - North
Mission - West
Mission - East
Mission - South

Highway 1 (Vancouver Island)
Butterfield Rd - S (corrected image - thank you Kathy)

Highway 17 (Vancouver Island)
Cloverdale Ave - S
Cloverdale Ave - N

Highway 19 (Vancouver Island)
Port Alice Rd Hwy 19

Version 7.35 Corrected links for Burnaby cameras (thank you Artem)

Version 7.34 Forty New Cameras added

Highway 5 (Northern Region)
Messiter Summit

Highway 97 (Northern Region)
Liard Hwy Junction
Dawson Creek - North
Dawson Creek - West
Dawson Creek - East
Dawson Creek - South
East Pine Hill
Mackenzie Junction

Trans Canada Highway (Southern Interior)
Albert Canyon
Quartz Creek

Highway 3 (Southern Interior)
Rock Creek

Highway 3B (Southern Interior)
Strawberry Pass

Highway 6
Fauquier Ferry
Needles Ferry
Heckman Summit

Highway 23 (Southern Interior)
Galena Bay - North
Galena Bay - South

Highway 97A
Highland Valley Rd

Highway 1 (Fraser Valley)
Chilliwack Lake

Highway 7 (Lougheed Highway)
Deroche - East
Deroche - West

Highway 99 (Surrey - White Rock)
Hwy 99 at 8th Ave - South

Highway 99 (Peace Arch Border Crossing)
Beach Road - South

Highway 13 (Canada/US Border Crossing)
Hwy 13 @ 264 Diversion - North
Hwy 13 @ 264 Diversion-S

Highway 1 (Vancouver Island)
Nanaimo Airport - North
Nanaimo Airport - South
Butterfield Rd - North
Butterfield Rd - South
Malahat Summit - North
Malahat Summit - South
Spencer Rd - North
Spencer Rd - South
Colwood - West
Colwood - East

*** NOTE ABOUT iOS 7 ****
This app runs on iOS 7 just as it does on iOS 4.3 - iOS 6.1

If you are using iOS 7 or later and would prefer a more modern appearance please consider my new app BC Highway Traffic Cam +Map. It has the same content as MultiCamPlus BC Highway but is iOS 7 only. This will allow more iOS 7 improvements in future.


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