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Morse-It is an easy to use application that allows to translate, interpret, type, learn, convert Morse code, and much more.
It is retina display enhanced, universal binary (run on iPhone/iPod AND iPad), and is compatible with VoiceOver.

Type some text and it will be automatically encoded into some fullscreen flashing effect of the associated Morse code.
The flash light of your device will also be used.

Your "SOS" messages will be seen quite far away !

Some sound will also be played accordingly. In detailed mode, the text being encoded is scrolling through the decoding process.

Tap some morse code onto the screen and the program will translate it into some text.
Different input types are handled : Novice, Straight key, Memory Paddle, Iambic Paddle (A and B). Left and right handed modes supported.
Test and improve your skills : are you good enough to be understood?

Exclusive feature allowing to decode, in real time, the Morse code recorded from the microphone (if available) into Text.
Some automatic calibration is performed, allowing adaptation to speed, tone and volume changes.

The full Morse alphabet can also be consulted and the associated Morse code can be played.
Tapped and decoded text can be edited and exported to the clipboard, the In-app email and SMS.
A special screen allows textual conversion of morse code and text. Exchange encoded messages with your friends.

Wikipedia and Visual Mnemonic screens allowing to get informations and mnemonics regarding morse code.
All the application is highly configurable (Frequency, WPM, color, morse characters ...)

!!! As seen on TV !!! (UK) in Most Haunted Live: Apparently you can use it to communicate with ghosts (no guaranty though)

Premium features can also be unlocked as in-app purchase :
Koch trainer screen, Quiz screen, Prosigns, Macros, Dictionaries : abbreviations, QSOs, mnemonics, Timing (farnsworth) and Morse alphabet/prosigns personalization, look customization ... and more.

What's new

Global : Adaptation to the iOS7 look (while keeping the previous look for devices with an older iOS version).
Global : Upside down orientation supported on iOS7 iPhone devices allowing to change the direction of your microphone/speakers.
Global : It is now possible to change the text size of the different text areas of the application.
Global : Bluetooth headset support for microphone and speakers (the sound unit can be selected using the iOS control center, while using Morse-it).
Premium : Improved look customization for iOS7 users.
Premium : Addition of a macro list containing all the English common words. This list can be handy using the Trainer or the Quiz.
Decode : It is now possible to set the initial value of the decoding speed (i.e : 25 WPM).
Decode : Is is now possible to disable automatic adjustment of the decoding speed, which can be annoying when the WPM speed is fixed and known from the beginning.
Decode : The decoded text is now persisted between application launches.
Tap : The manually edited text (using the device keyboard) is now kept when the Morse pad is used after edition.


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