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"Check Yourself"... with Mirror Phone!

Ever need to "Check Yourself" while on the go?

Have you ever:

✓ Needed to apply makeup?
✓ Check and style your hair?
✓ Check your teeth for that rogue piece of food?
✓ Check for boogers?

Now you have the perfect App for doing all that at anytime and anywhere. Mirror Phone gives you a true mirror on your iPhone 4 by utilizing the front-facing camera!

What's more? You can double tap the screen and get a light boost for those darker times when ambient light is low.

(For best light boost results, turn OFF "Auto Brightness" in the Settings for your iPhone 4)

Mirror Phone minimizes the steps it would normally take to launch the Camera and see your reflection. And it gives you an optional light boost when you need it.

How does it work:
Simply tap the icon and you are immediately presented with a real-time reflection from your iPhone 4 device.

Mirror Phone is a FREE App! In it's FREE form you can use the mirror for whatever you need it for. After a while of continuous use, the App will pause and present you with an optional upgrade option.

For under one dollar (USD), you can upgrade and get these extra features:

★ Unlimited mirror viewing.
★ Removal of iAds.
★ Removal of upgrade prompts.
★ Camera controls. You can take a photo and flip between the front and rear cameras!
★ Extra lighting choices.

☞ This App is specifically for iPhone4 devices. Use of this App on any other iPhone, besides an iPhone4, will utilize the rear facing camera instead. This App will not work on an iPod Touch.

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