Mini Drone Control US for Parrot's Mini Drones

Mini Drone Control US for Parrot's Mini Drones

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The new remote control app for Parrot's amazing mini drones: Swing, Mambo, Rolling Spider, Airborne Night, Airborne Cargo and Hydrofoil. To connect, please put the battery in your drone, activate Bluetooth on your iPad or iPhone and launch the app.

Key features:

Setting profiles - comes with 2 different settings profiles for indoor and outdoor flights. But you can add as many settings / user profiles as you want.

Flight Timer - the timer shows exactly how long you are flying.

Drag to flip button - you can drag the flip button in the direction you want to flip. For example if you drag the button toward you it will do a back flip, if you drag the button to the left it will do a left flip. When you are used to this you are able to do flips in any direction without looking at the display.

If you already have RC background you will be glad about RC Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3 and Mode 4.

MFI gamepad support - control your mini drone with any MFI gamepad that has two additional joysticks like the Stratus Steel, Moga Ace Power or the Mad Catz CTRLi.

Unique light animations for Airborne Night.

Battery charger tool that can alert you when the battery is fully charged. Please note that not all mini drones support this feature.

Save a different control mode when hydrofoil accessory is attached. (Hydrofoil only)

Offline Mode - explore the app without being connected to a mini drone.

Free fall take off - when activated you can throw your mini drone in the air and it will start automatically.

Configurable user interface - you can show/hide every button, you can even hide the emergency button if you like.

Supports imperial and metric units. feet, meters, feet per second, meters per second.

Demo Video:

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What's New

Added support for Parrot's new quadrocopters: Mambo and Swing.

You can now backup or share your favorite setting profiles with your friends or your own devices via different ways like Air Drop, Email, iCloud Drive.

Added Media library, you can show photos and videos after transfering them from the drone to your device. There is a new row in Settings -> Tools -> Transfer Media.

Because the media library replaces the position of the "offline mode" on the start screen, the offline mode is now an entry in the list of found drones.

Fixed a rare problem with the throttle control in hydrofoil mode when switching from a tilt control flight mode.

Better flight timer behavior when using attached hydrofoil.

Added easy to remember names to all control layouts.

Update to Parrot SDK 3.11.0.

Additional diagnosis information.

iOS 10 adjustments.

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